Ice Ice
Ice Ice
Hotsumoto's tryin' to bag a man!

(Requirements: Hotsumoto, Season 2+)

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Hotsumoto's on a date, and needs your help!

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Part 1

Fuel Up
"You gotta help me on this date. I need something strong - isn't there something 'strong' in those Emergency Rations the Arena People use?"

I have an Emergency Rations


She downs it in one gulp. "Delicious!"

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Part 2

Fuel Up Part Deux
"No, something stronger - give me one of them there Powerful Potions!"

I have a Powerful Potion


She downs it in one gulp. "Delicious!"

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Part 3

Rub It On
She staggers a bit, but recovers. "Excellent! Now, to perfume. If I use my regular perfume, he'll smell me coming - oh, he's a quick one."

I have a Monochrome Pheromone


She rubs it on (yeek) and gives you the eye. "Now we're talking!"

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Part 4

Funky Cold Medina
"I gotta make sure this is a night to remember - give me some sort of turn-on!" Hmm. She's trying a little hard, but whatever. Roll with it!

I have a Make-Out Mood Enhancer


"Oh Yeah!"

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Part 5

Icing on the Cake

"Just one more thing, and I'll be crazy pumped - my favorite drink, for him this time. You know what I mean, it lets you, er, 'go the distance'". Sigh.

I have a Dark Draft


"Awesome! Now we're ready to roll!"

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She's ready to go. In true Hotsumoto style, she (and Robogirl as a sidekick) sneak up on the guy, kidnap him in the middle of the night, beat him senseless, and take him out drinking. "Oh ho ho, he can't get away now, his short little legs are no match for my body!" The little dude just sits there, sullenly, ready to take it out on anyone who gets in his way.

Vanilla joined your party!

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