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Do puzzles, win prizes! No Stamina needed!

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Puzzle Corner

Welcome to the Puzzle Corner! Here, we'll be doing free puzzles that you can work on, and when you get enough right, you'll get special prizes!

The rules are as follows:
- You get five attempts at a puzzle.
- If you fail all five times, you have to wait until the next day.
- You may need to visit outside sites to answer the puzzles. If so, it is your reponsibility to have Flash, or the correct browser, or whatever.
- Solving a puzzle correctly will get you 20 Stamina.

Got it? Okay, great! Let's see what we've got for puzzles today..

Puzzle No. 1
Light My Fire!
You are in a cold, dark room. There is a fireplace, a stove, and an oil lamp. You only have one match. What do you light first?

Correct Answer: match

CORRECT! +20 Stamina!

Puzzle No. 2
If five SWATBU can catch exactly five spies in five minutes, how many SWATBU would it take to catch exactly one hundred spies in one hundred minutes?

Correct Answer: 5

CORRECT! +20 Stamina!

Puzzle No. 3
Clone Training
You can do Clone Jutsu once a minute. You walk into a room and perform the Jutsu, and there are two of you. After the first minute, there are two of you. After another minute, there are four of you, and so on. If the room is filled with you and your clones in ten minutes, how many minutes would it have taken if you walked in with two of you?

Correct Answer: 9

CORRECT! +20 Stamina!

Puzzle No. 4
Ninja Scrolls
An enemy Village is sabotaging your storehouse! You walk in, and see ten paper scrolls and they are burning! Your jutsu extinguishes two of them. You throw the Jutsu again and extinguish one more. You then are out of Stamina, and you log out and go eat cake. After everything, how many scrolls are left?

Correct Answer: 3

CORRECT! +20 Stamina!

Puzzle No. 5
Just the Case
The Ninja Shop has a new item! Get a Special Explosive Tag, and the case to hold it, for only 510 Ryo. You ask how much the tag is, and they say it costs 500 more than the case. You just want the case. If you give them 100 Ryo for it, how much change should you get back?

Correct Answer: 95

CORRECT! +20 Stamina!

Puzzle No. 6
Ninja Clocks
You have a digital clock that shows the time of day. How many minutes per day does the clock have the same number three or more times in a row? (for example: '1:11' would count). Note that it is a regular clock, and not a military-time clock.

Correct Answer: 34

CORRECT! +20 Stamina!

Puzzle No. 7
Prize Time!
You have 3 Wolves and 3 chickens on one side of the river, and you are on the same side as they are with a small raft.

You have a raft to take them over, but you can only take one or two at a time - you can't take 'none' (you need at least one of them to help you steer, since you stink at rafting), and you can't take three or more.

If at any time either side of the river has more wolves than chickens, the chickens get eaten right there - and if you are on a side of the river, anything in your raft counts as being on that side.

You can get them all across in 11 moves.

Write down the answer here, using the following method:
type the 11-move winning sequence in here, one number per move. No spaces.

What to type:
1 - One Wolf on the raft.
2 - Two Wolves on the raft.
3 - One Chicken on the raft.
4 - Two Chickens on the raft.
5 - One Wolf + One Chicken on the raft.

So, if the winning moves were 'two wolves over, then one wolf back, then one wolf and one chicken over', you'd type 215. Do it!

Correct Answer: 21214541212

CORRECT! +20 Stamina!

You are awarded an excellent hat of power and awesome!
You got: Professor's Hat!

Puzzle No. 8
Okay, the next prize comes from the Batman: Gotham Knight Scavenger Hunt. It is over, but here's a puzzle so you can get the item anyway.

K-Dog, Billy, and Spot all line up at the front of the village, and start running at the same time, in the same direction, around and around the village. K-Dog takes can run around the village four times a minute. Billy can run around the village three times a minute, and Spot can run around the village two times a minute. how many SECONDS will it take before they all are lined up together again.

Correct Answer: 60

CORRECT! +20 Stamina!

You are awarded a handy belt of dubious utility!
You got: Utility Belt!

That's the last puzzle! Check Special Missions from time to time to see if new ones pop up!


  • The original set of puzzle missions can be found at Hooray For Puzzles - Layton.
  • Capitalization is not important, but spellings and spaces are.
  • Do not accidentally start or end your answer with a space, or anything like that, or you'll get it wrong automatically.
  • The Stamina Bonus originally was +50 Stamina but one could only complete a single puzzle in a day.


  • The Professor's hat awarded for completing the first 7 puzzles if the very hat worn by the protagonist of Nintendo DS game: Proffesor Layton and the Curious Village.
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