Hey! Fight! Lightning Brigade!
Hey! Fight! Lightning Brigade!

You look skyward, and see an oncoming horror!

(Requirements: A Tiny Bee Weapon (any type), Eleven Tails)

Osu! >


Other multiverses have come to destroy your own! As one comes hurtling out of space, you stare at the sky, powerless to fight it!

But.. what's that!? On the horizon! >

Part 1

The Brigade Assembles!
Thought the glare of the morning sun, you see a lone figure standing on a hill, hands raised to the WorldKaiju! You start walking, then running towards him, and are joined by other Ninja!

I have Flipper, Timmy, Terri, MC Stripeypants and Cici > (Requirement)


You are joined by allies, who run alongside you!

Continue Quest >

Part 2

Old Friends
The allies run with you, talking to each other, and it seems someone else, as well..

"How long has it been, Timmy?" says MC, holding his hat to his head.
"Gee, dude, I dunno, I still can't remember everything from last time! I'm only twelve! Cici, have you gotten anyone through the Barrier?"
"Just a few. hopefully, they can get The AboveGround reconnected, we could really use their help down here." She slows as she rubs the mark on her shoulder, which has spread to cover her whole arm.

Terri shoulders her as they run, breaking her out of her trance. "Don't worry about that! You've got plenty of time left. Look at them, they've been marked as long as you, and do you see them crying about it?" as she motions in your direction - but not directly at you..

Flipper cuts everybody off. "Don't break their focus! We've got to take care of this before we can even worry about stuffs like that." You don't know what they're talking about, you can barely keep up, let alone focus..

I am Hanging Out with all five Allies > (Requirement)


You run with them to the top of the hill!


You falter, and fall behind!

Continue Quest >

Part 3

The Shadow of the Flash
You stand at the top of the hill, wondering where the figure that was standing up here went, and your allies stand beside you, looking up at the WorldKaiju. While you look up at the horrifying sight, they speak - first MC, then Timmy, Terri, Flipper, and Cici…
"Swift as the Wind."
"Hushed as the Wood."
"Fierce as the Flame."
"Stalwart as the Mount."

"Dark as the RNG."

I have the maximum level in all PizzaWitch Gear > (Requirement)


"Bright as The Flash."

Whoa, whoa - who said that last one? You look around, and they are all looking at you - or a little behind you, you can't tell..

Continue Quest >


You stand on the crest of the hill, with the group behind you. Legions of Ninja stand with you ready to fight the unimaginable beast - the WorldKaiju - that descends to the planet's surface.

You feel a weight on your shoulders, as a coat is draped on you, six ancient symbols burning on its back. You turn to see who it was, but the breeze of the Storm alerts you to the departure of the Brigade - their mysterious leader has whisked them off to fight the WorldKai from another land.

Turning back to face the oncoming horde, you raise your arms in the pose you saw the Brigade's Leader take, feeling the power of all the Ninja of the world rising up.. and a one.. and a two..

You've gotten the Special Attack Uniform!
You are immune to the effects of The Mark of The RNG!
You may Lead a Charge against the WorldKaiju!

Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
Lightning Brigade Trophy!
10 Points


  • None of the five allies required for Step 1 can be used on your team to fight WorldKaiju.
  • A Tiny Bee weapon is required to unlock this quest, a Tiny Bee from the A rank emblems is not enough
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