Handshake Event
Handshake Event

Ninja are lined up around the block. Why?

(Requirements: Defeated ML Adventure Difficulty 2)

Check it out >


You walk up to the line of cheering, crazed Ninja, and slip in - maybe this is a free giveaway or something..

Free stuffs! >

Part 1

Lining Up
After what seems like an eternity, you make it inside.

The line comes up to a brightly lit booth, walled off by bodyguards. Each person hands things - stacks of Ryo, rare items, jewels, all sorts of valuables - to a grumpy man at a podium, the wall parts to let them through, and the they get to shake hands with.. the Mission Lady?

They stammer at her while she smiles and nods, Thousand Yard Stare in full effect. After a few seconds, a timer beeps, and the podium guy shuffles them out a side door, and then returns to take the next pile of loot.

You marvel at the situation, and then suddenly with a 'beep', the guy's hand is out in front of you.

No? >

They squint and frown, but the Mission Lady perks up and waves you over. "Oh, hey! C'mere c'mere c'mere!" The guy, grumbling, lets you pass.

Continue Handshake Event >

Part 2

Filling In
"Oh, man, it is good to see you!" She gives a stink-eye to her bodyguards so they back off, and then whispers in your ear. "This handshake event has been going on for hours. You want to cover for me while I go take a quick break?"

But you look nothing alike! >

You explain that you look nothing like her. She shrugs. "Eh."

Continue Handshake Event >


"Here, take this." She hands you a mask with a picture of her face on it. "Nod. Shake hands. You'll do fine. Catch you later!" She hightails it, leaving you to deal with the hordes of fans - none of whom seem to notice any difference. The bodyguards ringing you sigh, as if they've seen her cut out early before..

The moment the last Ninja gets shuffled out, the bright lights clunk off, and the staff visibly relax, chatting amongst themselves. One walks up to you. "Hey, she decided to take the rest of the day off, but wanted us to give you this. I swear, she does this every time.."

You look at the small note you were handed.

"Keep the mask, you might need it."

You got the Blank Stare! +1 Time in Retail!

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