Karen and Cici are having a catfight!

(Requirements: Karen, Cici, Access to Normal Rides)

BurgerNinja Employees / Jutsu Only! Freezer Drops only drop here


Karen and Cici are having another one of their incessant "Lulu Likes Me Better" fights, but this one has ended up in the garage, and they are making one heck of a racket..

Get Involved >

Part 1

Survive the Destruction
Whoa, they are really into it! Look out!
Difficulty: 10 Successes: 10
Ability #2: Taijutsu Difficulty: 15 Successes: 15

Dodge! »


You duck as they fly overhead, smashing into a pile of junk!

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Part 2

Karen hucks Cici across the room, into the remains of that Ride you took out on a recent Delivery. The engine pops open, and a small amount of glowing black rubble crumbles out, brushing Cici's shoulder. As you peer at it (the rubble, not her shoulder - wait for Dating to come out), your head explodes in pain!

I have at least 200 Awesome > (Requirement)


You collapse to the ground.

You Failed!


You manage to drag yourself over to it and cover it with a hunk of scrap metal.

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Part 3

Construct a Shell
Cici wants to research this, but you'll need to find some way to carve some metal ..

I have 20 Sharpening Stones and 40 Metal Scraps > (Requirement)


You build a long, thin chamber, that shutters the material from light. "Perfect."

Part 4

Cici pokes at the Grind Core all night, and the next morning, has some awful news, calling in everyone from PizzaWitch. She sets up a little table, puts the Core next to it, opens it, and pulls out a single Ryo.

"Hey, Lulu. I'll bet you this shiny coin that if I flip this a dozen times, it'll come up heads at least once." Without waiting, she flips it - tails, every time. She tosses the coin to him.

"Karen - here's another Ryo. bet you it comes up heads OR tails." She flips it, and it lands on its edge. Another loss.

Finally, she takes a glass of water, and sets it down on the table. "I'll bet everyone here one of THEIR (pointing at you) Ryo that this glass doesn't catch on fire. Hey, you, are you okay with that?"

I have 1 Ryo > (Requirement)


You don't have it, and you ruin her little experiment. For shame.

You Failed!


You nod, and instantly the water catches on fire. She shutters the Grind, and stands up.

"What we have here, boys and girls (Karen starts to raise her hand, and Cici says 'AND Ninjas' to shut her up), is a raw chunk of something that, no matter what the odds, will ruin your day. The opposite, if you will, of being Awesome. And we have to figure out where it is coming from, and why."

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Cici hands the Core over to you, and Karen backs away. "I'm not touching THAT", yells Karen. "You keep it. I've got ENOUGH issues delivering this crap. Maybe you should ask around the other PizzaWitch employees, find out where it came from."

Cici looks at the strange mark it left on her arm, which isn't coming off..

Cici is now Cici Lvl. 2!

High-Level PizzaWitch Missions unlocked!

You got the Grind Core!
(now find a way to get rid of it!)

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