Great Expectations
Great Expectations
Lil' Whitey is really upset!

(Requirements: Stalkergirl Lvl. 2+ in team, Lil' Whitey in team)

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Lil' Whitey is pretty upset. "Why does STALKERGIRL get all the attention? The Tip Line, The Fields, jeez, why don't they just make her the PRESIDENT OF EVERYTHING!?"

Well, he does have a point, she's really ho-"HEY. YOU." He points.


Sigh >

Part 1

Full Attention

"Okay, first, let's hang out, and I'll tell you my SERCET PLAN. But DON'T HANG OUT WITH THAT GIRL TOO, okay?"

I am Hanging Out with Lil' Whitey, and NOT Stalkergirl > (Requirement)


"Okay, come here, check it out.."

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Part 2

Six-String Samurai

Lil' Whitey shows you.. a guitar? And a pretty crappy one at that.
"This is it, right here! I'm going to be a rocker, and then everyone will love me!"

He closes his eyes, and does a little twirly-twirl.

"My music will touch the hearts of everyone."

Just then, Stalkergirl walks up. "Hey, man! Is that a guitar! Wow! Can you play me something?"

Lil' Whitey gives her such a stinkeye..

I am in a Bonus-Giving Team1 with Lil' Whitey that does not include Stalkergirl > (Requirement)


You apologize to Stalker, since you don't need her right now, and she shrugs and walks off (Whitey checks her out as she leaves, surprise surprise).

"Thanks so much! Now, we can get started on my EXCELLENT MUSIC CAREER!



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Lil' Whitey rocks out on his guitar. "Oh, yeah, this is my ticket! I'm going to be a SUPERSTAR!" You don't know about that..

Lil' Whitey became Lil' Whitey Lvl. 2!

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