Goth Talk
Goth Talk
OMG, Emosuke's a CUTTER!

(Requirements: Razor Blades, Emosuke Lvl. 2, Special Jonin)

Intervene >


Oh noes, Emosuke's a cutter! We've gotta stop him!

Intervene! >

Part 1

Chase Him Down
"Hey, it's my life, I'll do what I want!" he says. Fat chance!
Difficulty: 12 Successes: 4


You browbeat him into crying in the corner!

Continue Quest >

Part 2

Prove It

"Look at what I found!" you say. He gives you the eye..

Show him Three Razor Blades > (Requirement)


"Waaaaah!" he cries. Good job! You decide not to actually give them to him, and you know he'll just swipe them from you, so you throw them in the ocean to set an example.


"I learned it from Watching YOU!"

You Failed!

Continue Quest >

Part 3


There's only one cure for Emo - the BILLY BUCKET(tm)!

Put him in a Billy Bucket(tm) > (Requirement)


You put him in the Billy Bucket, and beat it with a hammer! Yay!


You don't HAVE a Billy Bucket(tm)!

You Failed!

Continue Quest >

Part 4

Wait for it

Now, let him stew in his Bucket. 48 hours should do it, from the time you hit this page (i.e., from the time the words you are reading RIGHT NOW) loaded. You'll have a fifteen-minute leeway, so write down the time, and we'll see you here in AT LEAST 48 hours!

48 hours or more have passed > (Requirement. You have to wait at least 47 hours and 30 minutes.)


Perfect! The Bucket shatters, and out comes Emosuke!


Bzzt. He comes out all messed up!

Continue Quest >


Emosuke's still Emo.. but you don't care, he's even MORE Emo! Yay!

Emosuke becomes Level 3!

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