Gears of War
Gears of War
While pushing through some particularly dense foliage, you happen upon a small building!

(Requirements: 100 Tarnished Wheels or 11 Bronze Gearwheels - Large or previous completion1)

Investigate >


The building appears to have been created from a giant tree trunk, although you can find no carvings of any sort. It appears as if it was 'grown' like this. You search the building for clues as to what it is for, but can't find anything other than a faded impression of what looks like the symbol you've seen in the Fields - a twisted loop. From the angle it is shown, though, it seems as if it is turning into itself - not a broken loop, but a single twist of a spiral..

Go Inside >

Part 1

Deceptively Empty
Inside is completely barren - a featureless room, with only outlines on the thick wooden walls.

I have a Pocketwatch2 > (Requirement)


As you walk past the outlines, they activate - drawers, a workbench, and other things emerge soundlessly. It is as if the wood itself is growing to fill in a designed plan of some sort.

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Part 2

Wierd Science
The walls are covered in technical mumbo jumbo. What does it mean?
Difficulty: 35 Successes: 50


You have no freaking idea.


It looks like it is a manual on repairing that watch of yours. But how would whoever made this know about it?


Once the transformation is complete, you appear to be standing in a one-room outpost, used for research and examination. There are a number of magnifiers (made from what appears to be water, suspended as an impossible lens) and hyper-delicate tools made from slender twigs that microscopically grasp and release at will.

You know, you might be able to work on that Watch you found here..

You can now repair your Pocketwatch from the Workshop!

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Crunch Time R:NG
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