Fruits of Liberty
Fruits of Liberty
A young man defends his fruitstand!

(Requirements: The Beast, Day 9)

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A young, quiet man is defending his overturned fruitstand from the top of a ramp from all manner of creatures - men in heavy armor, strange crystalline monsters, flying contraptions, and even invisible threats.

Astonishingly, he is able to barely hold them off, flinging various pieces of fruit at the ground - a shower of purple and green grapes becomes a varied swarm of biting and exploding monsters, hurled durians morph into winged bat creatures, and a banana is spiked to the ground in front of him, bursting into a giant, spiked tower, spearing anything that gets close.

Waving his hand, his produce army follows his commands, but it isn't enough, and the creatures start to ascend to his position!

Help Out! >

Part 1

Defend the Ramp!
Hold off the horde!
This is a Rolling Challenge!
Difficulty 64 Successes Remaining 200


You help him amass his army!


You've given him enough time to counterattack!

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His army completes, and holds off the masses long enough for him to rummage in his cart, finding a huge watermelon. Lifting it above his head, the masses halt.

He closes his eyes, and crashes it down. From it bursts gigantic tusked beasts, which tear through the ranks and drive the enemies away. He breathes a long sigh of relief, and his army streams toward him - turning into simple produce once again.

The man rights his cart, loads it up, and throws you a piece of fruit. With a raised fist and a shout of "Fighting!" the Portal of Awesome whirls into existence behind him, and he vanishes along with it in a flash of light.


You got Fresh Fruit! (Max 1 at a time)


  • The requirement Day 9 is most likely a reference to the Commentator Day 9, who commentates competitive Starcraft II matches. It does mean the 9th day of the month, rather than being a joke requirement.
    • This changes the reference used in most of the other references to the number 9 in BillyCon (which refer to Touhou Project's Cirno, the character depicted by the kaiju Frostmist).
  • The young man is probably a reference to the Starcraft player Fruitdealer, and the monsters that come out of the fruit are probably a reference to the Zerg race from the game. (Zerglings, Banelings, Mutalisks, Spine Crawlers, and Ultralisks, in order)
  • The name of the quest is probably a reference to the subtitle for the Terran campaign of Starcraft II, "Wings of Liberty"
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