Found Cat
Found Cat

11's cat has an important Mission and (maybe) needs your help!

(Requirements: Completed Lost Cat, Billy Club (for now))

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It's a sunny day in the Village, and you notice 11's cat walk by.. then walk by a few moments later, carrying a circuit board. Huh. You go back to what you were doing (which was trying to figure out if that cloud in the sky looks like a Kaiju - not every day in the Village is super-busy, you guess).

Might as well check it out? >

Part 1

World of Pets
You follow them down a twisty alley, steep stairs, a long tunnel, a suspension bridge across a chasm, through a snowdrift, up a sand dune, and through an ancient temple (there is a lot of crazy stuffs in the Village these days). Eventually they come to a tiny cute little door, and scan their paw on the identification pad to gain entry. Unable to follow, you climb the surprisingly short wall the door is built into and look over.

Your eyes widen as you see the head of a giant robot, and a bunch of pets working on it with blowtorches and other tools.

You look around what seems to be an entire city full of pets, doing all manner of things - building machines, poring through stolen scrolls with their cute little paws, drawing 'X'es through people's faces on a big creepy organization board, and more. Whatever they are working on must be pretty important. There's younger pets doing simple tasks, more experienced ones prepping for battle, and grizzled warriors picking up what look strangely similar to important things you thought lost forever. In one instance, you see a pet amble into a tunnel with a tiny wrapped package, just as that same pet arrives via a side passage with the same package, in some sort of strange Loop paradox. There's even some pets staring intently at what appears to be some sort of incomprehensible gambling mechanism that uses treats and oddly-shaped dice, operated by a big fat cat with a visor.

Wow, they've got a whole little world of their own

Wait, what was that about the Loop? >

Don't worry about it.

Continue Found Cat >


You wonder if you should make any noise or explore further, when a large warning siren kicks in, and all the pets look at the robot prepare to launch. 11's cat, with a little helmet on, looks up at you and - meows? salutes? - before entering the cockpit. The bustle temporarily ceases as the city watches the robot launch, jetting skyward to complete an unknown mission, a sparkle in the night sky.

It looks like whatever they are doing, they've got it pretty under control. You climb back down, but are interrupted by a familiar meow the moment your foot touches the ground - it looks like they might need your help after all!

You've unlocked PetVentures in the Pets Menu!

This side section is a way that BvS folks can hang out with their in-game pets and pets of other players.. and, it's a way that I can hang out with my pets as well. Here's to all the animals in our lives, in-game and out. -11

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