Final Fight
Final Fight
The final part of the Chunin Exam - a tournament, where your experience and ability matter more than winning or losing!

(Requirements: Genin Rank, Chunin Exam 2)

Begin Chunin Exam Part 3 >


Last Leg of the Exam! You join a tournament with your fellow Genin, and spar, as the Judges watch. You over hear them whispering..

Spar! >

Part 1

The Blood

Chunin these days are special. They have tapped into the powers of their ancestors.

I've obtained at least one Basic Bloodline > (Requirement)


They look over your exploits approvingly.

Continue Quest >

Part 2

Jutsu Knowledge

A judge peers at you - 'how many Jutsu do they know? Chunin need at least.. eight of them.'

I know at least Eight Jutsu > (Requirement)


They watch you perform many Jutsu, both basic and complicated.


'A ninja, this unskilled, made it this far? Preposterous.'

Continue Quest >

Part 3


Chunin are rare. Only ninja who have gone up against dozens of missions - and overcame them - could possibly be eligible.

(Number of D-Rank Missions Completed: XX)

I've beaten 40 or more D-Rank missions > (Requierment)


They look over your exploits approvingly, speaking of the things you've done.

Continue Quest >

Part 4

Basic Competency

One of the judges whispers, 'does this ninja actually have the skills needed overall to run a team? I have never seen a Chunin with less than 6 Ninja allies..'

I have at least 6 Ninja Allies > (Requirement)


They nod, and you know you've passed this round.

Continue Quest >


The tournament ends, and they release the short-list of new Chunin. You know what? You are on it!
You are Chunin!

You now get 280 Stamina per day, can get your picture taken in the shop, can have three total teammates, and have tons of other things unlocked!
You can also go on C-ranked missions, and on top of all that, K-Dog walks up and joins you!

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