Filler Episode


  • Season 3+

Oh no, crappy filler!

Put Up With It >


Ugh, everyone has to go through this eventually, if they want a long-running show - recycled enemies, stupid eating contests, forty-episode-long bridge fights.. bleh. Well, at least if you get through it, you can skip to the special episodes like Ninja Love Day whenever you want.

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The Grind
Old Enemies, Old Missions.. at least you only have to do this once!
(This is a Rolling Challenge - your Successes carry over each time you take it, lowering the number needed. Keep at it for victory!)
Difficulty: 8 Successes: 2000

Fail. You mindlessly beat on people day after day..
(Your successes have been saved!)

Success! FINALLY! All done!

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OMG, you FINALLY got through ALL THAT CRAP. Ugh. Well, now that that is over with, you can do all the other, more awesome episodes. Mmm, Ninja Love Day and more, whenever you want..

You received the Themes What The Crap, Nothing Is Happening, and Phoning It In!

When all three are set, it is considered every month of the year, all at once!

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