Field Trip
Field Trip
You decide to brave the deep Wasteland, to see what you can see…

(Requirements: Good Boy, 100+ Outskirts Missions)

Set Out >


Good Boy wants to go for a walk - straight into the Wasteland!

Follow Him >

Part 1


The temperature changes from freezing to burning in an instant!

I have a Cloak > (Requirement)
These items count as a Cloak:


You brave the elements unflinchingly.

Continue Quest >

Part 2

.. and Able

Creatures with invincible armor are a dime a dozen here - you'll need something that can pinpoint their weaknesses!

I have a Pistol > (Requirement)
These items count as a Pistol:


You are ready for anything.

Continue Quest >

Part 3


The denizens of the Wasteland are endless - you require a weapon suited to this land.

I have a Scythe > (Requirement)
These items count as a Scythe:


You cleave effortlessly through them, walking as a reaver in a field of wheat.

Continue Quest >

Part 4

..and Dangerous

You need to focus your power as you travel this land. Some sort of device that will enable you to see through the storms, and destroy what stands in your way.

I have Shades > (Requirement)
These items count as Shades:


You can see forever.

Continue Quest >

Part 5


You come across a featureless wall of black, beckoning you to enter. You can sense that any attachment to others, or yourself, will destroy you, if you attempt to cross this barrier. Good Boy, of course, just walks right in. Bloop!

I have 20 or less Stamina, No Teammates, and am Hanging Out with no one > (Requirement)1


You break on through, to the other side.


You can bear to continue no longer.

Continue Quest >


You break through the storm, and stand at the end of what seems like a void. You sense the darkness - a total lack of Awesome. You know that having any connections to the world, and the Awesome-draining force will rip out your soul!

You step through, and on the inside, you find not endless pain, but a strange new desert, different from any you've seen. You pass by frozen lakes of tears, crystallized trees, bottomless oceans of ivory sand, and in the center, a giant castle, etched from the dark rock of the desert itself - no doors, no windows, nothing. Outside it is a dessicated corpse, missing a ring finger. You touch it, and it dissolves instantly to dust…

..leaving a freaking AWESOME coat. Score! It's all dark, with red clouds, and who knows what else!

You got the Cote!

You have unlocked The Inner Wasteland!

Good Boy wanders back. "HEY BOSS," he yells, "I FOUND A COOL STUFFS IN HERE!" You choose not to bust on him for his grammar, and let him explain.

"Seriously! There's all sorts of cool things! I saw a unicorn, and a magic elephant, and a slide that never ends! You gotta check this stuff out!"

You don't see any of this, but whatever, he's three successes, so you'll put up with him for now..

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