Epitaph of the Twilight
Epitaph of the Twilight
The fragments of Code you've been collecting seem to be connected in some way..

(Requirements: Epitaph Fragment)

Combine them >
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These fragments seem to make some sort of text.. could they be a poem, perhaps? They aren't in any language you have ever heard of, though..

Piece it Together >

Part 1

The Verses

The text, while unreadable, seems to fit together..

I have seven Epitaph Fragments > (Requirement)


The text falls apart, unfinished.


The verses connect into a full text!

Continue Quest >


The debris and dust covering the Fragments melt, and with it comes dripping the strange symbols it is written in, leaving behind… a readable text!

You pore over it, and realize.. this chronicles the last great battle of The Flash, the greatest Ninja to ever live!

Yet to return, the brilliant one
Who quests for the Final Season.
Fallen is the Chosen Hopeless Nothingness,
and <Your Name Here>, Favored of the Immortal Realm,
has raised finally their army.
The Flash of Light beckons.
At the base of the rainbow do they meet
Against the abominable RNG,
together they fight,
Against the Sickened Imprisoned Fallen Angel.
On the eleventh day of battle
The Flash's great power doth fall.
Power - into Eight Weapons lost.
Returns to nothing,
this world of shadowless ones.
Never to return, the brilliant one,
Until on the eleventh hour,
the eleventh minute,
the Eleven Tails returns.

You got Epitaph of the Twilight!

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