Haus pokes around his lab. "Hey, want to help me with some stuffs?" (Why does 'stuffs' have an 's'?)

(Requirements: Wasteland Disease, 20+ Outskirts Missions completed)

Sure >


Haus is tinkering with something in an unused corner of his lab. "There's a lot more to this junk from the Wasteland than meets the eye. Think you can handle it?"

Sure! >

Part 1

Haus pokes around his lab, and comes up with a blueprint. "Help me figure this out, would ya?"
Difficulty: 16 Successes: 4
No Strength Bonuses, Chakra costs x 10!



Continue Quest >

Part 2

Practice makes Perfect

"There's some new things you can do with potions, buddy, but I don't want to teach some big loser. I'm going to sit here, and watch you put things together, until I'm satisfied.

(Do ten or more successful creations in the Potions area. Don't quit this mission, or it will reset your count.)

I have completed 10 Mixed Items > (Requirement)


"Good enough. Now, check this out…"

Continue Quest >


"Good, good. See, I've found that you can actually break things down for ingredients, even worthless things, and then those ingredients can be used for new and Awesome stuffs. I'd suggest building yourself some Wasteland gear, you are going to need it."

You got: Basic Blueprints!

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