Day One - Prologue
Day One - Prologue

You walk back to Stripey's store, now familiar with the world he's created.

(Requirements: 100+ RG Day 1 Missions)

Talk to Stripey >
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The silence of the shop is in stark contrast to the scramble outside.

"Got a grasp on how things go out there?"

Nod >

Part 1

One Chance

"So. The way you can tell who is responsible is that the world will change to make them happier. The Chakra of each person around you at that time is important - study it."

"Once you've got that info on them, you'll need to find a point when they consciously change the world itself, so you can hijack that change and take over. Maybe they'll do it on their own, maybe you'll need to prod them a little. Regardless, you'll have to catch them at just that moment and attempt to take control. Doing this isn't something you will be able to mask - if you pick the wrong time, or the wrong person, the world will spit you out like bad ramen. Beware."

Got it >

He opens the door for you. "Okay. Go out there, and I'll be along shortly. We'll walk through a capture - it'll be just like a game. One you need to know how to win."

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You step through, and you hear a short, clear noise, like the very beginning of a window cracking.


You pull out the Timer. It is counting down.


Stripey wistfully looks at the bustle of the town, and up at the night sky.


"As wonderful as it is up here, it isn't Real. Only you are. You need to get back and save all of us, before you - before the world itself - runs out of time."


You've unlocked The Reaper's Game! Check the Mission Select Page!

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