Cry Some More
Cry Some More
Another Tuesday filled with Noobs to pwn..

(Requirements: Tai 21+, Tuesday, Sascha)

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Man, it gets old, you know? Splattering countless thousands of wimpy Extras.. if only there was some way to break the monotony!

Time for a Snack > >

Part 1

Cooking 101
Now, to figure out a tasty treat..
This is a Rolling Challenge!
Difficulty 10 Successes Remaining 450


Meat..Meat…no. Hm. Bread..Bread.. Bread. No. HMM. This is harder than you thought.
(Your successes have been saved!)



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You've done it! A new, tasty way to kill! You quickly hook up an automatic dispenser to Sascha, and eat your way through the day!

You got the Sandwich Dispenser!

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