Crunch Time
Crunch Time
As you are pressing through the jungle, you feel something metallic beneath your foot..

(Requirements: 300+ Jungle Missions Complete)

It's a pun, you'll see!


You brush aside some undergrowth, and find a flattened timepiece, broken gears strewn around it. There's no way your careful steps could have done this much damage, it is completely flattened. It is very out of place for this area - perhaps it has some use?

You've got to be fast, though - there's been someone or something out there chasing you, and something in the back of your mind is telling you that nothing good can come of letting it catch up with you..

Sweep it up (quickly) >

Part 1

Sweep it Up
Every little part is probably drastically important!
This is a Rolling Challenge!
Difficulty 30 Successes Remaining 500


Hmm, you seem to be missing something..


There we go! Now, what to DO with it?

Continue Quest >

Part 2

You look the watch over

The gearwheels, however hundreds of them there were, are a total loss, and the wiring seems to be impossible - it's like it pops out of existence in one section to return at another..

I am R00t Rank > (Requirement)


Ah, you see how the watch actually exists over multiple Fields - in all of which it is trashed. Wow, that's some serious damage!

Continue Quest >


You poke around in the wreckage, and find a tiny, humming capacitor. It taps against another bit of the strange metal-

-and for the tiniest moment, the world stops. You try to turn your head to look around, but you can't move a muscle; even blinking is impossible. In the corner of your vision, you can see a single drop of moisture falling from a leaf still hanging in the air. Gaze frozen in time, you stare at the lightning arc held between the two components for what could be a moment or an eternity-

-until the arc stops. You look around, and the world continues on as before.

What exactly did you find here?

You got Crushed Pocketwatch!1

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