Is that creepy head you found TALKING to you?

(Requirements: Disembodied Head)

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That disembodied head of yours is talking. "Hey! Yeah, you! If you find the rest of my stuff, I'll help you out! I know a lot about these Wasteland types, too! C'mon!"

Okay then. >

Part 1

I'll Form The Head

"Okay, a couple of pieces are in the Wasteland.. one's in a Litterbox somewhere, one landed in some strange Mushroom kingdom.. and I think my body bounced off of some idiot being healed by a Genin in the D's. Don't leave this mission, either - without me talking you through it, you'll never find them!"

I have Six Parts (Head, Arms, Legs, Body) > (Requirement)1


"Yup, this is everything!"


This isn't right at all!"

Continue Quest >


You put all the chunks into a sack, and shake it.

Obviously, nothing happens.

"What did you think, I'd become a real boy or something? Let's go, already!" You've made a new 'friend'!

Chunks has joined your party!

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