Some lazy bum is crawling around, looking for something..

(Requirements: Shogi Piece)

Help Him Look >


Some lazy dude is crawling around in the street. "Stupid Smokey.." he says. What is he looking for? You walk by, and he looks up at you. "Hey, never mind this. Want to play a game of Shogi?"

(Remember that Jutsu can help you on Quests, just like normal missions!)

Sure! >

Part 1

Play a Game
"Hey, man. Want to play?" Play him in a game of Shogi!
Difficulty: 8 Successes: 3

Attack! »


He still beats you, but you notice a piece missing!

You Failed!

You get frustrated, and flip the board! "Oh, man.."

Continue Quest >

Part 2

Complete the Set

"Okay, I'll come clean. There was a crazy Jonin party last night, and they all got wasted and played Shogi. I think Smokey threw the board out the window, because a piece is still missing - that's why I was crawling around." Hand one over!

Give Him a Shogi Piece > (Requirement)


You hand it over. "Hey, sweet!"

Continue Quest >


He pats you on the shoulder. "Dude, you need some help, give me a call. I'm going to go skip class - want to join me?"
You got Lil' Shammy!

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