You are drawn to an open Field, as the Bees converge.. (you may choose this or Order, not both)

(Requirements: 4+ Tiny Bees, a Tiny Bee Weapon)

Whoa >


The Bees swarm around you, millions upon millions of them, as you feel them lift you up and carry you somewhere. Suddenly they burst away, leaving you teetering on a Spire, high above the Fields..

(You are choosing to ally with the forces of The Flash. Should you wish to make a different choice, abandon this quest immediately and take 'Order' instead.)

Look Around You >

Part 1

The Heights of Imagination
You stand, alone, at the top of The World. You seem higher than is possible, what with the mythical Barrier keeping living things from going too high above the forests and plains. From up here, this unique perspective, you realize..'ve seen this before.

You twist and turn, looking in all directions, remembering epic battles and horrible destruction, but other than flashes of emotion, you cannot focus on exactly what role you played..

Look Up >

You look up, and the sky shimmers around you - and you stand in the center of the Portal of Awesome!

Continue Quest >

Part 2


The Portal rotates around you, and your Tiny Bee Weapon glows - but not with the great Powers of the world. It is separate, in some way, and when you touch it, you remember an epic battle, ages ago, with a massive Kaiju, on a world somehow different than your own.. The Eleventy-Billion Tailed Fox brings down a massive paw, crushing three vessels, the Awesome of their engines erupting a massive explosion, carving perfect spheres in the Ocean that they once floated in. In a flash of lightning, you hurl yourself high into the air, taking aim, firing into the Beast's unarmored eye.

It roars in pain, swiping at you, catching you across the face, sending you crashing into the Ride of a fellow fighter, and the two of you tumble into another ship.

You fall to the deck amongst your Allies - one protects you from the deadly breath of the Fox with a giant fan blade, and her partner knocks it back on its heels with a great slash from a blade, previously concealed in a cane. An old friend leaps from the water beneath you, holding a torn piece of cloth to your ruined eye.

"We've got to do it! It's the only way to buy us enough time!"

You stand, looking up at the Fox as it turns toward you, and you order the ship's young pilot to release the seals on the Engine's Core..

You snap back to yourself, almost losing your balance high in the air. A past life? The memories of the Portal? You aren't sure, but you've got something to do..

I have 11 Tiny Bees > (Requirement)


Your insect friends whirl around you, steadying you as you take in the Portal's energy!


You slip, and fall off the Spire!

You Failed!

Continue Quest >


You look upward, and the skies part, as the power of Awesome envelops you! You feel past life after past life erupt forth from your consciousness, as you gain the knowledge of thousands of those before you, from a time when an ancient Kaiju plagued the land, and to control it, they.. you.. set sail..

You have gained the Bloodline Destiny!

You awaken, standing in an empty plain, where the Hive once was. At your side, you find a sword, inscribed in a language you cannot fully comprehend..

You got Evil's Bane!

Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
Choosing Sides Trophy!
60 Points
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