As the greatest Titan falls, you begin to return home..

(Requirements: Player Pin, Cleared Retail)

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Finishing off the Titan, you wipe the gore from your face and trudge back to the Safe Zone. As you are about to throw the release, the front door pings.

Huh. That's never happened before. >

Part 1

Double Take
You peer through the blast guard, and a Ninja that looks like you is quietly perusing the aisles.

You know, they look a *lot* like you. Cooler clothes, yeah, maybe a little leaner. A lot less gear than you, too. Hm. You crane your head to get a closer look, as they turn and look at you.

If they touch me, are we going to blorp together and explode? >

You hope not.

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Before you can react, they deftly reach across the counter and flip up your employee badge. Under it is the Pin you found in the Zombja fields. In a flash, they snatch it from you, leaving a red, inverted version in its place. You start to say something, but they slam down the lockdown level before retreating to the exit, smiling at you as they run off into the everlasting night outside.

The blast doors come down, and you wonder exactly what just happened, and why you can't shake how much that person looked like you..

You've lost the Player Pin!
You've gotten the Red Skull Pin!

As the lights come on, you try to get a better look at the Pin, but are interrupted by Stripey. "Aha, I knew that would work! Man, do you know how hard it was for us to pull that off?"

"Look, just remember - once you are all done using those, put it back here you found it. We don't want any paradoxes screwing up this place any more than it already is."

You don't really understand, and are about to say something, but Stripey shakes his head. "Never mind. Hey, I'd promote you, but what's there to promote you to, honestly. Tell you what - you can use the Executive TACO Bar whenever you need. You certainly earned it."

TACOs now are saved on consume 50% of the time!

You've cleared Retail! Congratulations!

Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
Baton Pass Trophy!
10 Points

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