Cashing In
Cashing In
Oh yeah, free shiny free shiny free shiny!

(Requirements: Entrance into the Halls of Awesome)

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Your Awesome senses detect, sitting right there in the middle of that stupid "Practice Disguise Jutsu" mission, a giant doorway. You push it open, and find yourself in a Hall of Wonders…

Excellent! >

Part 1

The 11DBHK is here, and he- OMG HE HAS PINBALL MACHINES IN HIS BASEMENT! AND A SLIP N' SLIDE! You almost explode from the Awesome. He turns to you. "blah blah blah, once a season… blah blah blaah, random, probably not one you already have, blah blah…"

I'm Sorry, I Can't Hear You Over The Sound Of How Awesome I Am >


He nods. "Darn right."

Continue Quest >


The 11DBHK looks you up and down, rummages in his Magical Sack of Crap, and throws you something. "Here, enjoy. Now get out, I've got things to CODE." The door of the Hall of Awesome shuts behind you. (weird inflection on that word there… Cree-eepy!)

You got a Golden Item1.

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2 B A Master None
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