Captain's Log
Captain's Log
Your repaired watch pulses, and shows the way!

(Requirements: New Pocketwatch)

Check it out >


Picking through the facility with no sense of time other than the continuing, pulsing strikes from above, you stop to examine the watch you've finally gotten working.

Every few ticks, the watch pulses, and if you look closely, the light fades from one side just a bit more slowly - as if it is being affected by a beacon of some sort.

A beacon that, if you are careful enough, you can track down.

Let's get going >

Part 1

Deep Underground
Find out where the watch leads!
This is a Rolling Challenge!
Difficulty 20 Successes Remaining 1100


You traverse the ruined facility, through endless hallways and rooms..


You get to an area that is strangely untouched by the destruction, with a small sign on the automatic door:

Part 2

'The Ninja'
'The Ninja'
Inside, the room is filled with research photos and diagrams covering the walls, with photos of Ninjas - some you recognize as Allies of yours! - and handwritten accounts of their prowess. Examples of Ninja weaponry line a display case, ranging from simple hand-to-hand weapons to high-tech Ride components and Science! machine parts. On one wall plays a recording, seemingly projected onto the wall itself, over and over again..

A young woman, body framed by a blazing red aura, reads from prepared notes. Dressed in laboratory gear, emblazoned with the initials of this particular Group, you've seen her in visions before.

"The Ninja, while physically underpowered and without our War Forms, should pose little threat. Instead, while they often lose multiple skirmishes, have a knack for thwarting our kind's most important efforts."

She flips through papers, brushing aside a lock of crimson hair. Looking up out of view, she reaches towards the viewer, and images and short clips play on the screen.

Keep Watching >

"While we have concentrated on using that innate well of strength we call 'Spiral Energy' actively, their culture seems unaware of a direct form of activation. They siphon off small amounts of it as "Chakra", with predictable elemental outputs - but their true power is in their subconscious use of it to influence probability, with amazing results."

Short clips play, with some of your more powerful Allies - the most dramatic example being Terri, fighting multiple Kaiju with only her longrifle - overcoming dire straits.

Continue Quest >

Part 3

"Certain individuals, when under extreme physical and mental pressure, show a prediliction towards succeeding colloquially referred in their culture as 'Awesome' - whether it is limited future prediction, microtelekinesis to cause attacks to hit or miss as needed, or some other reality-warping effect, I am unclear. Regardless, these individuals, deployed at pivotal moments, have a one hundred percent chance of success in their operations."

It cuts back to the woman. "This would lead us to switch from decisive attacks to a more gradual front, if not for one particular individual." An image of The Flash takes up half of the screen. "This Ninja has created a device that allows an individual to choose exactly how to activate this power. In practice, it is a form of time travel - it allows the user to replay a short period of time over and over again, learning from each attempt, until a perfect outcome is determined, and then that outcome is what actually happens. Those other than the user have no recollection of the previous attempts, and this last reality is what stands..

Wait for it.. >

"He calls it The Loop."

Dun dun DUN.

Continue Quest >

Part 4

"When complete, this would simply allow the Ninja to send a team directly into the heart of our island, completely impervious to any actions we take. They would simply retry their assault, over and over until they found a way through. We are powerless to stop them. Or were powerless, that is - until now."

"This is where they are keeping the machinery that powers The Loop," showing a tall metal tower in the middle of a featureless plain in a land unknown to you. "It is the only working version that they have. And this.."

An image of a completely black plant appears. " the Dead Flower. Ingestion of this theoretically deactivates all use of either Spiral Energy or Awesome in the immediate vicinity. With it we can mount a decisive strike and keep this war from destrKSSHHH"

The image breaks up, and is replaced by a different one, much closer, featuring the same person.

"I spent some time over there, and they aren't any different from us. I don't even know why we're fighting. I think this Flower (and you can hear the capital letter) and The Loop are just too much. What if this goes too far? Mimi's already backed out, leaving only seven of us, and I don't even know if this is a good idea anymore. What if I can't come back? What if he activates The Loop? I met their head Science!tist, once, on a recon mission. The same mission where we found out that The Loop only works for the people who've linked up with it. If it weren't for this stupid war, things could have been differKSSSH-"

it cuts to the beginning of the recording you saw as you walked in. It must be repeating.

Move on to the next room >

It repeats, over and over, in the darkness, as you carry on.

Continue Quest >

Part 5

The Facility
Your watch's pinpoint guide leads you to a gigantic, wide door - something you could fit a house through - and the moment you touch the door the watch abruptly shuts off. A slight, multi-changing aura seems to be holding the door closed, or at least keeping you from affecting it..

I have changed my Attunement at least 5 times today > (Requirement)


.. You match the signature of the door, and it opens - a stories-high seam opens in the center, and you walk on, a single Ninja in the presence of the work of giants.


You can't seem to tune to this one.

Continue Quest >

Part 6

(Not) Alone in the Dark
Inside, there is a raised dais, with a number of wrecked pieces of equipment strewn across it. Small signs and arrows point to particularly interesting parts of them, next to signs written in the strange script that you can now understand - "Chakra enhancing?", "Genjutsu acclimator", "Limited use in Raiding", and so on - this is the wreckage of someone's Ride and equipment, possibly brought here for research.

In the center is a strip of strange metal, with an indentation in it below a tiny lens - it looks like the Watch might fit there..

Well, what are you waiting for? >

You snap the Watch in, and.. absolutely nothing happens. You pick it up, peering intently, flipping it over in your hands to see if anything changed. Perhaps the tiny lens is a type of projection mechanism..

"The tiny lens is some sort of projection mechanism." You turn, startled, and are face to face with Bugman, standing uncomfortably close to you, his normally dark glasses brimming with scrolling, glowing runes. "Schematics are available in the Logs."

He looks at you (as best as you can tell).

"Please state the nature of the Temporal emergency."

Continue Quest >


You leap back, but he walks right up to you without missing a beat. "Loop Diagnostic Program 1.1 online. Administration functions disabled. Accessing heuristic language module… Hey, can I help you with something?" He looks you up and down. "You don't match the authorized user for this Loop, but it isn't rejecting your login, so I guess letting you review the logs and use basic Functions is okay, until the System resets. Don't try anything funny, though."

Oh, boy.

You got Bugman Lvl. 2!
You've unlocked The Logbook! Access it in your Quest Menu!

Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
Quantum Loop Trophy!
10 Points


  • Your team gets turned to Solo during the Epilogue. Maybe a bug?1

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Tuning The Logbook
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