Bootleg Bunny
Bootleg Bunny
Strawberry has a bunny problem!

(Requirements: Strawberry, April)

Help Him Out >


Strawberry's all mopey (which, for Reapers, means lots of metal and stabbing).

"I got this STUPID BUNNY for a holiday present for Shorty, and it is totally BOOTLEG!"

It really is, too - one of the ears is a little short, the stitching is off, and oh yeah - it is FILLED WITH NON-DELICIOUS POISON.

"You! Go hunt down some Bunny Eggs in the forest (ingredient hunt!), put them together into a real Shortbunny, and GET ME MY PRESENT!" Eep.

He tosses you the Bootleg Bunny!

Woo! Free Bunny! >

Part 1

Shortbunny, Transform!
Strawberry's still a little miffed, and gives you the stinkeye. "Well?"

I have six Bunny Eggs > (Requirement)


He takes all of the eggs, and yells "SHORTBUNNY, TRANSFORM!"

Continue Quest >


He looks at the bunny, smiling, and runs off. Less than a minute later, he's back, crying. "I heard that Shorty got like a MILLION of these. I gotta get her something original. Gimme that nasty bunny, you can have this one." He swipes your nasty bunny, and tosses you his before running off again.

You got a Shortbunny!


  • Neither Bootlegbunny nor Bunny Eggs loop, so finish all this in one season.
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