Behind the Wheel
Behind the Wheel
PizzaWitch is expanding!

(Requirements: PizzaWitch Uniform, 50 PizzaWitch Missions)

Let's Roll >


CiCi muses about the current state of affairs.

"I'm not making NEARLY enough off of this. We need to expand. Way back in the day there was a preferred way of getting around, but it required some crazy stuff.." She looks at you.

"..and you might be just the Ninja for the job."

Listen Up >

Part 1

The Tools
"Long ago, players- er, I mean Ninja - could travel long distances almost instantly on devices called Rides. They keyed into their souls, and could move at the speed of thought. While they drove, they were almost 'outside' of time - what was an hour for them was just a handful of seconds. But to use one, you had to let it find you worthy."

She wheels out a crappy bike, rusty and falling apart. However, the wheels are in perfect condition, and when she puts her hand on it, it seems to hum softly.

"This is an old Ride of mine. You can use it, if you look the part. But first, you'll need to look the part - almost anything will do.."

I have Tattered Driving Gloves, a Scuffed Delivery Hat, a Polyester Delivery Jacket, and a Tacky Keychain (or better) > (Requirement)


She laughs. "Old-fashioned, but it will do."

You Failed!

You show her some possible alternatives. "Nah, those are good, but I tuned this to something a little more specific for the first ride."

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Part 2

The Territory
"Next, you'll need a way to get anywhere. And I do mean Anywhere. Not just at certain hours, but a way to move throughout space freely, otherwise you'll never get up to 88 miles p- er, you'll never get the speed needed to Deliver these."

I have a R00t Password > (Requirement)


She nods. "Surprised they are still giving these out, what with the dangers in there. Still, it'll do."

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Part 3

The Talent
"Now, watch." She spins, putting her arm up, like she had just jumped from a moving vehicle into a run. Incredibly, a circle of light appears in front of her for a brief second, with what looks like… rectangles?.. some of which have something in them. "Stand by the Ride and try it."
Difficulty: 10 Successes: 35

Go go! »


You whirl, and the circle appears! She catches your hand in midair, freezing you still. "See those? Those are for your D-Abilities. Now, listen."

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Part 4

The Tools (part Two)
"You are also going to need people who will fix up your ride for you. I'd do it, but that's far too sexy. How about those other guys? They've got experience being tools, right?"

I have Lulu Lvl. 2 and Su-chan Lvl. 2 > (Requirement)


They come rushing up. "Can we help?" Heh.

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Part 5

The Terribly Long Speech
She pulls from her pocket a shimmering rectangle, gleaming a verdant green in the light. "This is a D-Card. When synced to you, it will grant you power.

The power of the 11 D's."


"Don't laugh. The 11D's grant real power while on rides. Power that can save, and power that can kill. This power comes from an ancient contract between Reality and the Rides.

"Drift. Drive. Destruction. Durability. Drivetrain. Deliciousness. D.. um.. Deceleration? Delivery? Dancing? no, wait, Drift. Wait, I said that one.."

"ANYWAY. There's 11 of them, or something like that. They all start with D. It doesn't really matter. You just fill these slots up, fill the ones on your Ride over there, and go. When you stop your Ride, they vanish - well, most of them do, anyway. You can get extras from me, in exchange for the Tips that the people you deliver to give you. Now, here's your first Pizza to Deliver. Let me teach you how to board your Ride."


BLAH BLAH BLAH. Let's GO, already!

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You take a deep breath, greass coursing through your veins.

Focusing, you check your gloves. As you tug on them, the scenery blurs for a split second, and you can see faint lines whirling around.

You first jog, then run at your ride, and as you leap on, the world spins, and crazy music kicks in from nowhere. you turn the key, and the machine leaps under you, accelerating instantly, and you speed off into the distance, on your first Ride!

You've gotten a License to Speed!
You may now perform Rides at any PizzaWitch! Check your Village Menu!

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