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For advice, see the HQ Guide.

HQ Musou Skills

  • Skills may be increased up to Level 3. Spiral Skills can use either Rai or Kai points.
  • Lowering a Skill causes you to lose 25% of your Raijutsu and Kaijutsu AP.
  • Contingency (+10/30/50% Threat Max)
    • Bonus if Lvl. 3: Flush (halve current Threat - Ninja Only)
  • Fleetness (10%/30%/50% Additional Dodge Chance)
    • Bonus if Lvl. 3: Confront (move next to the Tower - Ninja only)
  • Pinpointing (+10/30/50% Sabo Damage)
    • Bonus if Lvl. 3: Timestop (Enemy time does not pass for one turn)
  • Lethality (+10/30/50% Ninja Attack Count)
    • Bonus if Lvl. 3: Blowback (knock all Minions out of your location)

Choose Companion

  • No bonuses


  • Zones: 3
  • Boss: The First
    • Levels required: 2
    • Zones: 4
  • Towers: Dark Fissure
  • Area effects: None


  • 5 HP
  • Pass Penalty: +20% Base Threat
  • Spawns Shadows, 1 in each area

New Shadows rise from beneath!

Area Effects

Each effect may only occur at most once per Territory.
  • Occurs in Periphery
  • Spawns enemies every 6 turns

Shadowy forms erupt from the Pool!

Enemy Info

  • HP (defense versus Kaiju): 1
  • Dodge (defense versus Ninja): 0%
  • Ninja Threat: 1d3
  • Kaiju Damage: 1d10
  • Block Advance/Sabotage Change: 5%
  • Chakra Frequency: X Gen
  • Always warns every 6 turns, starting on the 4th, and attacks the turn after
  • Attack warning:

The Shadows shift, new forms of evil coalescing..

  • Successful attack:

The Shadows rush you, chilling you to the bone! +X Threat!

The Shadows curl around you, drawing at your lifeforce! -X HP!

  • Failed attack:

The Shadows lash towards you, but are too far away!

  • Move:

The Shadows move closer!

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