Battle of the Bands
Battle of the Bands
A Concert is being held in the Wasteland!

(Requirements: Four Lvl. 2 Allies - Tubby Lvl. 2, Flutie Lvl. 2, Sticky Lvl. 2, and The Twins Lvl. 2)

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Tubby, Sticky, Flutie and The Twins want to start a band! "Hey, we should call ourselves the Four.. the Four.. Hmm.."

Sticky speaks up. "The Four Sounds!"

Flutie hits him on the head. "You want to get sued? Fool."

The Twins speak up, at the same time (as always). "It's different enough! Go for it!"

Ready to Rock! >

Part 1


You and the other four show up, and some nameless Ninja stops you at the door. "Tickets, please." Tickets? Ack!

I have a Roll of Tickets > (Requirement)

You toss them the whole roll, and they let you through!

"NO TICKET." You get thrown out of the blimp. (Blimp?)

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Part 2

Epic Battle

The 'Four Sounds' get up on stage, and they kinda rock, but they don't ROCK rock. If only they had some competition…

I have Emosuke Lvl. 2+ as an Ally > (Requirement)
(Emosuke Lvl. 2 or Emosuke Lvl. 3)

Suddenly, in a bolt of wicked lightning, Emo appears on stage, and rocks out! The Four Sounds cower, but a vortex opens at their feet!

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Part 3

The Five Sounds
A bone-covered freak pulls himself up from the darkness, wailing on the mic!
Difficulty: 14 Successes: 17
No Strength Bonuses, Chakra costs x 10!

Success! You rock out amongst the piles of corpses his solo creates!

Fail. His totally blows your mind - literally!

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Bones and Emo rock out, and afterwards, Bones doesn't want to leave! "FIND ME SOMETHING BRUTAL," he says, drooling blood and gore. Yeek.

Bones joins you!

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