Attached at the Hip
Attached at the Hip
K.Y. is bummed that Smokey isn't spending any time with her now that he's a big bad R00t machine..

(Requirements: Smokey Lvl. 2, Visited Raging Passionate Melody)

Hook Them Up >
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You figure, maybe they'll get a kick with 'chatting' with each other while he is on a Field. She seems the type..

A/S/L? >

Part 1

What Are You Wearing

You have to give them time to talk about their feelings (and what they are wearing, you bet)

I have completed at least 300 R00t Missions (Field Actions) > (Requirement)


She watches you two run around for a while, but then sees you fight something sexy!

Continue Quest >


K.Y. flips out and jumps right into the game after him! "I SAW you looking at that SEXY MONSTER!"

K.Y. becomes Level 2!

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