Arena Fighter
Warning: Information found on this page is outdated and might not be in the game anymore.


  • Special Jonin Rank

Learn to use your Blood Abilities! (Useful only for those who play in the Arena)

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Arena Power

You've been near the Arena, and the people there seem to have more going for them than just good sense. Many have powers that aid them - and you feel you can harness them as well.

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Arena Experience

You feel that if you worked yourself to near-exhaustion, you'd be able to gain some insight.. (if you are low on Powers, trying fighting during a Light Hour)

I've completed six Arena fights today (Requirement)

You focus, and find the depths that this power is drawn from!

Continue Special Mission

You contemplate your time in the Arena. It fills you with the knowledge taht tere is more to it than simple brawling. You tie on a Sash as a reminder of your training to come.

You got a Training Sash!

This item will allow you to use your Blood Ability in the Arena, even if you haven't earned it yet. This item does not Loop, but if you get ten or more Arena Wins in one day, you'll get something that does.


  • You don't get this Special Mission if you already have all three Blood Abilities
  • This mission, or quest now called, no longer exists.
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