April Fool
April Fool

The Mission Lady waves you over!

(Requirements: April First)

Go say hi >


“Hey. HEY YOU.” She not-really-whispers. “I got somethin’ for ya!”

Uh oh >

Part 1

A Job For You
"So look. I came up with a Jutsu to help set up missions more easily. It'll give me more time to work on my cosplay, but I don't think I've got all the kinks worked out." 

You turn to look for the Jutsu Lady- 

"HEY. Don't get her involved, she's always getting up in my business. Just take it, and go, okay?"

Okay >

"Okay!" She unfurls a Jutsu scroll and, after thinking about it, just rubs it all over your head, and weird instructions affix themselves to your memory. "Yeah, get in there. That's the ticket!" 

Continue April Fool >


She winks and swats you on the behind. "Get on out there! I'll get you back, I promise!" 

You got the Unforeseen Consequences Jutsu!

Go do D-A Rank missions (not in bulk - testing takes time!), and look for ones where you can use the Jutsu! Rack up Mission Lady Points! Turn them in after today for prizes! Happy April 1!


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