All You Can Eat 2
All You Can Eat 2
Lil' Bo, watches super-powered Shorty take down a huge Spirit Monster. He looks at his big pile of Burgers and goes "Whoa, if only I had a mouth like that monster.."

(Requirements: Shorty Lvl. 2, Lil' Bo Lvl. 2, 25 Tasty Burgers)

Watch Him Eat >


Bo starts messing with his jaw, trying to get it to open like that monster..

Whoa.. >

Part 1

UberDinner Time

Bo thinks he's got it - but he needs to test it out!

Give Him Fifty Tasty Burgers > (Requirement)


He unhinges his jaw, and down they go!

Continue Quest >

Part 2

How it Works

"Hmm," says Bo, "If only I had a way to check out their jaws, I'd be able to see how the rest of them work.."

Give Him three Hollow Jaws > (Requirement)


"A-ha!" He studies it, and you study him!

Continue Quest >


You study his eating habits intently - and you finally, finally, understand!

You got a Hollow Leg!
+50 Appetite, -10 'Downtime' Penalty

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