A Walk in the Park
A Walk in the Park
Spot drags you to a bunch of pets in a park, dressed as ninja!

(Requirements: 11+ Pet Food, Spot)

Say Whaaaaat >


Say What indeed!

They are all romping around in the most curious ways:
- Some bound up to a business-like dog, pawing through a box of chew toys, then run off to do something silly (dig a hole, hide under a bush, gather medicinal herbs) then run back to get a small amount of food and do it again..
- Some are all standing around a spinning wheel, putting food on various numbers, and freaking out when it stops, some getting tons of food, some getting shiny trophies from a dog in a stripey hat, and some even having people come up to pet them and then stand around them after a big win..
- Some slide into cardboard boxes and run at each other wearing said boxes, crashing together and then looking up at a scoreboard, which is being frantically updated by a racing team of little dogs.

What a Curious Situation! >

Part 1


One of the pets is sitting quizzically in front of a dog with a headband over one eye. It runs off to find a bunch of stuff - a chew toy, a bunch of sticks, a funny looking bone, and so on.

The pet has collected nine bowling pins, and is looking for a tenth. Is that it, under a bush over there?

Point it Out >

You point to it, and the pet runs to grab it and turn it in without any thanks. Gosh!

Continue A Walk in the Park >

Part 2

That questing pet is now in the group of pets playing games, picking cups under which are treats of varying shininess, apparently looking for one they haven't seen yet. They poke around, searching, and the pet with the headband slips away, removing the headband and slipping on a stripey hat before going to help.

Wow, How Perfectly Normal, and Not in Any Way Related to Something That Will Happen Much Later >

The pet finally finds the shiny treat, and runs back to the little bench where they started. The dog that helped them hides the hat and puts on a headband to go meet them.

Continue A Walk in the Park>


The pet turns in the pile of things it gathered, and the older dog with the headband over one eye nods, and motions to you. The pet runs up, gives you a little card, and runs off.

From then on, once a day, you notice the pet run up to you, drag you to the park, and have you help with things they do. You get bored and walk off after a few events, but the pet doesn't seem to mind!

You got a Pet License!

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