A Golden Story
A Golden Story
Proof looks over your shoulder.. "Is that a story?"

(Requirements: Proof Reader, 10 Storybook Pages)

Maaaybe >


Proof flips through the pages you have.. "You know, this might make a good story.."

Put Together A Story >

Part 1

Finish The Story
Proof starts to put together the pages you have.. you probably need quite a few!

I have 100 Storybook Pages > (Requirement)


He shakes his head.. "You will need more than this, I'm afraid.."


He flips and flips them, and suddenly, there is a book in his hands!

Continue A Golden Story >


Proof flips through the story, and the words blur and glow.. and out pops a Golden Item! "Keep it," he says. "You'll need it."

You got a Golden Item1!

Trophy.jpg You've unlocked the
Avid Reader Trophy!
10 Points


  • This mission can be attempted multiple times in the same season, provided you have enough Storybook Pages

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