A Brand New Story
A Brand New Story
Your Note Pages whirl about.. but you aren't anywhere near the Wasteland!

(Requirements: Season 4+, 10 Note Pages)

Let Them Fly >
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The pages drift around and around, and start to form into.. something.. (This quest is courtesy of The TFF Alliance for their generous donation to Child's Play. Thanks, guys! You rock!)

Let Them Fly >

Part 1

A New Story
Your Note Pages start to whirl about and stick to each other, but not like that one Wasteland girl.. these are.. taller? Thinner, maybe?

I have 100 Note Pages > (Requirement)


They coalesce and burst, and a strange man in a suit emerges!

Continue Quest >


The man looks you up and down (but where are his eyes? He's made entirely of paper!). "Hey, why don't you take me out for a spin? You can help me with this great story I've been working on!"

You got Proof Reader!

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None A Golden Story
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