2 B A Master
2 B A Master
You want to be the very best.

(Requirements: Jonin Level 51+ or Sannin)



Some Ninja are good. Some Ninja are great.

Some Ninja are so awesome, though, that they can't hear you over the sound of how awesome they are.

You want to be that awesome.

Be That Awesome. >

Part 1

Top of the Charts

Simply, to be the best, you must be one of The Best.

I am one of today's Top Three Players > (Requirement)


What's that? Oh, that's right. You can't hear anyone over the sound of how awesome you are.


Come back another day, perhaps.

Continue Quest >


Yup, that's right. Now it is time to collect on that Awesome.

You may enter the Halls of Awesome once this season!


  • Completing this mission unlocks the Cashing In mission.
  • May complete this mission only ONCE per season.
  • Reference to the original English Pokemon theme.
  • The name of the quest is a reference to the name of the album the theme is on
  • If you're speed looping, being a top 3 player loops. It is possible to do this mission, and thus Cashing In, twice per day if you can get to level 51+ after looping on the same day - or more times, if you can then loop again and then reach level 51+ again.

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