10 AM, Saturday
10 AM, Saturday
Stripey looks at you through his shop window. "Hmmmm."

(Requirements: Season 1 Jonin or higher)

Hmm? >
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Stripey sees you through the window of his store, and exits, walking directly at you. "Hey, YOU. Yeah. C'mere."

Enter the store >

Part 1

Walk and Talk
Stripey puts his arm on your shoulder and starts talking, and walking, quickly. "I know you are looking to get some easy Shinies, right?" He keeps talking before you can answer. "Look, just help me out at this, um, 'satellite' store of mine. Trust me, it's a great idea."

You duck through alleyways, losing track of where you are. Up stairs, through doors, around sharp corners, talking all the while.

"I just need someone to run the counter at this place. Sell what you can to who you can, and don't let it get to you - REALLY, don't let it get to you." He pauses. "That would be bad."

Bad? >

"Yeah. Bad."

He pauses, talking to himself. "Hey, satellite, I didn't even mean to do that. What? Oh, nothing."

Continue 10 AM, Saturday >


He pulls out a badge from his pocket and pins it on you. "When the place closes, I'll meet you outside, and we'll settle up. It'll be a cakewalk." You pass through a staticy hallway, to a dark room on a rectangular platform.

Stripey pulls a lever, and a klaxon wails. He backs out shouting as the doorway grinds shut.

"Move product! Keep cool! Deal with people! You'll thank me later!"

The room is silent.. and then the lights come on and a doorbell pings.

Oh, boy.

You got an Employee Nametag!

You've unlocked Retail!
Check the Shop Menu!

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