Here is the official polls for BvS recorded.


Take a Poll! Please be serious, as your answer helps determine future BvS content. Results are calculated every Dayroll, so you won't see your answer count right away.

Poll 1: New Content 1
We're looking at adding some new content. Which sounds the best to you?

PizzaWitch - the 'second half' of Burger Ninja, like how Monochrome is for Reaper. Fighting Customers, New Allies.
Dating - in-game dating sim. Casual play, not very PvP.
Zombies - Zombies attack village, village bands together to man walls and kill bitches. Adds Guns and Ammo.
The NWW - walk-around map, fight other players, limited moves per day / hour. Completely PvP.
Pirates - Build ship, sail from area to area. Adds Arrjutsu, rare Resource collecting, Turn-based Player vs. AI Ship combat.
1v1 Kaiju - high-level one-on-one Kaiju fights. Adds the ability to bite off more than you can chew and take permanent Stam damage.

Current Result:

Option Result % Result #
PizzaWitch 20.26% 529
Dating 15.7% 410
Zombies 12.75% 333
The NWW 14.32% 374
Pirates 26.15% 683
Kaiju 10.8% 282
Total 2611

Poll 2: Favorite BvS Girl
Who is your favorite BvS girl?

Current Result:

Option Result % Result #
Pinky Lvl. 2 12.67% 325
Stalkergirl Lvl. 2 41.91% 1075
Terri Lvl. 3 27.29% 700
The Rack 8.84% 227
Emosuke 9.27% 238
Total 2565


Here's an important poll. Please answer it.
You don't get anything for completing it, so don't do it if you don't want to.
Don't kid around, be serious. Thanks. -11DBHK

(the results won't be shown right away, to keep
people from 'spiking' the poll).

The Future of the Arena

BvS is currently being 'recoded' to be able to handle the large number of players it has. Once this recode is
done, a number of major areas will be added to the game. However, the Arena is very difficult to recode, and will
greatly slow down the recode - however, we can do it, if you want to. The estimated time to complete is almost the
same amount of time as creating 'Ninja Dating' will.
Now, things like Ninja Dating will still be put into the game, but they will come weeks faster if we remove the
Arena. If we got rid of Arena, we'd rework the other missions to give out the same bonuses that we currenty give
via Arena, and slighly change other potions / items that affect Arena.

If you had to choose between keeping Arena, and getting rid of it, which would you choose?

  • Keep the Arena - it is the only reason I still play BvS. Without it, I'd leave.
  • Keep the Arena. I play it often, and really enjoy it as a major part of BvS.
  • It doesn't matter to me either way. Arena is no more or less fun than the rest of BvS.
  • Get rid of the Arena, but put another way to compete with players in its place that takes less time.
  • Get rid of the Arena. I really don't like it, and BvS will be beter without it.
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