Season 3!
Level: 74 - Sannin
Eclipsed Village
- The Village Hidden in the Black Sky -
Doujutsu: 12 (+{$doubonus})
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-18
Genjutsu: 25 (+10)
Strength:+7 Range: 1-23 Successes: 1
Ninjutsu: 26 (+9)
Strength:+5 Range: 1-24 Successes: 1
Taijutsu: 24 (+9)
Strength:+5 Range: 1-27 Successes: 1

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Character Description



Following In Someone's Footsteps

The Founding

Tough Times


Another Chance



White Eye
The Power of Greass
True Blood of the Reaper
Not Wasteland Disease
The Trade
Eye of the Storm



Techniques and Jutsu

Soul Reaper Style: Yamazaki, Zenhoshi!
Clone Jutsu
Disguise Jutsu
Exploding Tags: Activate
Projectile Weapons: Shuriken
Projectile Weapons: Kunai
Escape Jutsu
Gentle Fist
Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu
Shadow Clone Jutsu
Shadow Imitation Technique
Mind Body Switch Technique
Welcome to Good Burger
Epic Dog Urination Technique
Kido: Slayer
Kido: Iron Maiden
Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death
Robogirl Style: Leek Spin
Demonic Illusion: Tree Bind Death
Kido: Metalocalypse
Get In My Belly
Rich Man's World
Soul Reaper Style: Sense Weakness
Eight Trigrams One Million Palms
Eight Trigrams Whirlwind
Pinky Style: Pervert-Destroying Punch
Bring Down the House Jutsu
Dance of the Crescent Moon
Stalker Style: Freaking Laser Beams
Eight Trigrams Eleventy Billion Palms
Inner Monologue
Running Man
Archer Style: Dragonforce
Archer Style: Blind Guardian
Archer Style: Kamelot
Lucha Libre Style: Back Brain Kick
Kido: Nightfall
Soul Reaper Style: Cry of the Brave
Soul Reaper Style: Fury of the Storm
Rock On: Spinal Tap
Rock On: Baby Got Back
Rock On: Double Mint
Rock On: Band Camp
Rock On: Spider Man
I Need This
Lucha Libre Style: Pity the Fool
The Gates
Rock On: Webslinger
Rock On: Double Trouble
Rock On: Wide Load
Grim Prediction
Dark Consolidation
Obsessive Insight
Rock On: Mouth Organ
Turn the Page
Coup de Grace
Saving Grace
The Agony of Defeat
Attack on the Nervous System
Kido: Harder Better
Lucha Libre Style:Faster Stronger
Ninja Art: Hottie Regeneration
Kido: I Can Has Cheezburger
Soul Reaper Style: Can't Touch This
Crunk Fu
Soul Reaper Style: Have a Nice Day




11DBHK's Birthday Hat
Arena Favorite
Basic Blueprints
Basic Ninja Gear
Blue Flower Hairpin
Captain's Jacket
Chakra Armor
Coolness Badge
Counterfeit Permit
Desert Robes
Desert Shades
Destiny Warrior
Dog Collar
Giant Fan
Glowing Mood Ring
Goo Stabilization Recipe
Gothic Album
Hall Pass
Heck Butterfly
Helper Pin
Hollow Leg
K-Dog's Headband
Knightmare Frame
Letter of Marque
Love Love Paradise
Magical Wand
Matrix of Leadership
Monster Mask
Necklace of the First HoCage
Ninja Dog
Ninja Puppet
Officer's Pay
Perfect Hair
Perimeter Barrier
Pink Bouquet
Pink Hair Dye
Professor's Hat
Reaper Blood - Dormant
Restraining Order
Risky Badge
Sannin's Premium
Soul Candy
Soul Glove
Stealth Suit
Streamlined Focus
Substitute Soul Reaper Badge
Swallowtail Butterfly
Sword of the Reaper
Thrill of Battle
Trench Knife
Utility Belt
Wasteland Dustcloak
Wasteland Pistol
X-Ray Specs
Duelist's Aura
Wasteland Scythe
The Cote
Warrior of Power
Duelist's Eye
Ancient Blueprints
The Note
Stripe of Honor
Poisoned Daggers
The Tote
Quality Boots
Basic Cowl
Storm's Fury
Awesome Pants
Dark Band
Sevens Trophy


Hey Hey, We're the Ninja!
Killer Montage
The Flash
Teacher's Pet
Stand By Your Ninja
Battle of Champions
Flip Out
All Together Now
My Name Is
Good Night, Ninja
Seasons Don't Fear
What The Crap
Nothing Is Happening
Phoning It In
Floating On Air


Into The Loop
Loop The Loop
Monster Hunter
Ninja World Warrior
Wheel Winner
Destiny Obtained
True Blood
Man Purse
Big Three


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