Season 2!
Level: 54 - Jonin
Astrea Village
- The Village Hidden in the Broken Box -
Doujutsu: 16 (+0)
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-12
Genjutsu: 18 (+20)
Strength:+5 Range: 1-24 Successes: 2
Ninjutsu: 18 (+24)
Strength:+4 Range: 1-24 Successes: 2
Taijutsu: 18 (+19)
Strength:+5 Range: 1-24 Successes: 2

Notice: This guy is so AWESOME!!!!!!!

Character Description

Name: Zero
Born: June 14
Style: Stupid
Hair Color: Black, Red, Gray
Eye Color: Golden
Zodiac: Gemini
Pet: Fang (Lvl. 18 Cave Puppy)
Note: The character in the picture is not this character. THIS character will come shortly =P
Note+2: If you see an alien that seems to have my mannerisms, its best to give in. We can't interact with each other so you can give him stuffs but I can't………

Physical Appearance

Being young, I don't look like much. I wear a red and black jacket that I usually only zip in cold weather. I have the ability to transform into a monkey that has the power to control and make my own fire. I have my Zanpakuto Hikari no Ken (light sword 光の剣) which is actually lighter than it looks. I wear a single pack on my back which is only filled with my essentials. Golden eyes aren't really normal from where I come from so I don't even know about that. I was born with black hair with red and silver streaks. I have a scar on my left eye and three scars on my right cheek. The last thing is the giant "X" on my chest. That's about it with the physical appearance.

Zanpakuto - Hikari no Ken

Release Command: Furasshu フラッシュ (flash)
When the blade come out of the bandages, the sword reflects off the light in the area. My Reiatsu allows me to run at high speeds and slice even through even the best of defenses. My Shikai allows me to blind my enemies before I attack. My physical strength is increased tenfold and my strange power becomes doubled as well, and I can go on without resting.
Bankai Name: Bōkyaku-kō no ken 忘却光の剣 (oblivion light sword)
When I release my Bankai, my blade length goes farther than my own body length. My movements go so fast that afterimages following me so the only time you really know where I'm at is when I'm standing still. My sword blade is so very special that it can rip apart the fabric of the universe, causing a sealing jutsu to be set in motion. If the sealing jutsu is activated during the attack, it will seal the victim in an infinite genjutsu where the same thing is repeated over and over again. This jutsu can be deactivated at anytime. I have light golden aura emanating from body and seals all over my body.


Born in an uncharted area and a battlefield in the War, the males were trained to be a ninja and the females were trained to be medics. I wasn't deemed to be a ninja by my fellow peers. I hated them for looking down on me. I was an war orphan due to my parents dying in that Ninja War going around. That's another reason I never wanted to be a ninja. Food was running low in that dirty house of ours. I thought of eating the family dog, Fang, but I loved him too much. Fang and I left after food ran dry. Me, never finishing my training, was almost killed in battle with enemy ninja. I thought I was going to die, but a yellow flash came and struck that ninja dead. That "flash" said he saw a power inside of me and gave me a special kunai. This kunai had some special power to it, I could tell, but it looked too good to waste so I kept in my items pack. After wandering on months, I had rely on thievery to get food. My wandering lead me to the discovery of one of major villages, Pandora. When I walked to the village gate, a glamorous-looking ninja with an evil and deranged look in her eye was the first ninja I saw in the village. I then saw a guy with a massive sword and he lead me to the village's central station. He told me that in there was the Kage of this village. There, he said, I could apply for the village. I walked into the room, and in there, I saw a Gir??? That's not the point but anyway he allowed me to join and become a ninja. Then a golden dragon led me to a house in the center of the ninja world where all the ninja hang out. There I met a lot of people like a mermaid(which I now owe something to) and a village leader with a giant screw in his head and others not mentioned by name. Afterwards, I started my ninja journey, meeting people like a blonde-haired cheater with an eyepatch, a stalker who stalks that cheater, a pink-haired girl, a gloomy dude who cuts himself. I then became a reaper with an awesome blade. I now wander the the outskirts of the Wasteland and work at a fast food joint. After a while I survived the impossible, Pandora became Astrea and Gate became a Immortal Kaiju and Astrea an Immortal Realm. There's a lot more for me to see and I will just have to wait and find out!



  • Flipper 5 Less Stamina Cost for Genin on Quests, and +20% D-Rank AP!
  • Meatballs Lvl.2 +2 Levels in Ninjutsu and Taijutsu!
  • Pinky Lvl. 2 Jutsu Chakra costs are 15% less, get one stamina per mission, and +2 Tai Strength!
  • Red Rover Lvl. 2 +2 Levels in Taijutsu and Ninjutsu!
  • Billy Lvl. 2 5% chance of auto-winning a mission of Difficulty 100 or less, and one free success!
  • Emosuke Lvl. 2 +2 Nin Range, +1 Nin Strength, +1 Nin Level!
  • Lil' Shammy +1 Strength, but every mission costs two extra Stamina.
  • Stalkergirl Lvl. 2 Get one stamina back per mission, and +1 Strength!
  • Bugman +1 Gen Level, -10% Chakra costs!
  • K-Dog +1 Success!
  • Master P +2 Strength in Ninjutsu!
  • K.Y. +1 Gen Success!
  • Terri Lvl. 2 +2 Tai Strength/Range/Successes!
  • Bruce Sr. +1 Tai Success!
  • Trapchan +2 Genjutsu Strength!
  • Mr. Sandman Regain 4 Stamina when you lose a mission!
  • Triple H +1 Levels!
  • Timmy +20% JXP / AP, but -2 Strength and -2 Levels!
  • Cato +50% Ryo on Regular Missions!
  • Spot +50% Item/Ally find chance!
  • Strawberry +2 Taijutsu Levels, +6 on Reaper Missions!
  • Robogirl +1 Ninjutsu Strength, +3 on Reaper Missions!
  • Tats +1 Strength, +2 on Reaper Missions!
  • TicTac +400% Friend Points on Missions!
  • MC Stripeypants +100% Ally Find on Reaper missions, +1 Strength!
  • Annie +1 Nin Range!
  • Tsukasa 5% chance of not losing a Consumable Item when using it!
  • Smokey the Bear +1 Nin Success!
  • Sicko +1 Gen Range!
  • Haus +200% Wasteland Item / Ally find chance, negate penalties from SNAKEMAN, +3 Difficulty to being Tracked!
  • Doughman Triple Damage against Ninja with HP-giving Bingo Themes!
  • The Scar +1 Tai Range!
  • Rover's Mom +1 Range!
  • Mr. Smith +20% AP!
  • Olmek Get two Items instead of one for Ally Drops!
  • Hermano +1 Taijutsu Strength, +3 on Reaper Missions!
  • Fletch +1 Range, +2 on Reaper Missions!
  • Shorty Lvl. 2 +2 Ninjutsu and Taijutsu Strength, +2 Genjutsu Strength on Reaper Missions!
  • Mister Six +2 Levels, +4 on Reaper Missions!
  • SNAKEMAN +4 Levels, but -50% Ryo on regular Missions!
  • Big Shammy +2 Ninjutsu Strength and +2 Ninjutsu Levels!
  • Z-Dog +4 Genjutsu levels!
  • Cici +2 Dou Levels!
  • Lulu +1 Dou Strength!
  • Sticky Lvl. 2 +3 Nin Levels, +6 Nin Range, -3 Gen/Tai Strength!
  • Big Ro +2 Genjutsu Strength and +2 Genjutsu Levels!
  • Flutie Lvl. 2 +3 Gen Levels, +6 Gen Range, -3 Tai/Nin Strength!
  • Tubby Lvl. 2 +3 Tai Levels, +6 Tai Range, -3 Gen/Nin Strength!
  • The Twins +2 Levels, -1 Strength, -8 Difficulty to Track during Bingo Attempts!
  • Bones +3 Levels, +1 Range, Villages do not provide HP in Bingos!
  • Kagamin 10% chance of getting back your bribe when cheating on the Wheel!
  • Good Boy +3 Successes!

Techniques and Jutsu

  • All Fours Jutsu: -1 Tai, +3 Nin, -1 Gen Levels - 45 C
  • Archer Style: Dragonforce: +4 Tai Strength (Holy Arrow needed) - 120 C
  • Billy Style: Earth, Wind, and Fire: +3 Range, +3 Strength - 600 C
  • Blizzard Jutsu: +3 Nin Levels, +1 Nin Range (Exploding Tags needed) - 40 C
  • Can of Whoopass: +2 Levels, +2 Range - 250 C
  • Clone Jutsu: +1 Levels - 35 C
  • Dance of the Crescent Moon: +3 Gen Success - 200 C
  • Demonic Illusion: Tree Bind Death: +4 Gen Levels - 90 C
  • Disguise Jutsu: +1 Gen Level - 25 C
  • Dust Wind Technique: +3 Gen Levels (Giant Fan needed) - 35 C
  • Earth Style: Groundhog Technique Decapitation: +1 Strength - 90 C
  • Epic Dog Urination Technique: -2 Levels, -2 Strength, +500% Items / Ally find chance (Dog Treats needed) - 400 C
  • Escape Jutsu: Automatically lose a mission and regain stamina lost (Smoke Bombs needed) - 0 C
  • Exploding Tags: Activate: +3 Nin Levels (Exploding Tags needed) - 10 C
  • Fire Release: Ash Product Burning: +3 Levels, lose 2 stamina - 60 C
  • Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu: +2 Nin Levels - 45 C
  • Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu: +1 Nin Strength, -1 Tai / Gen Strength - 60 C
  • Flying Thunder God Technique: Automatically pass a non-Quest regular Mission with Difficulty 100 or less (Sealed Kunai needed) - 0 C
  • Get In My Belly: +3 Nin Success - 200 C
  • Great Wind Scythe Jutsu: +3 Tai Levels (Giant Fan needed) - 25 C
  • I Need This: +1 Success, +100% Ally Drop find chance - 1 C
  • Inner Monologue: +3 Range, -3 Strength - 3 C
  • Kido: Iron Maiden: +2 Tai Success, +1 Tai Range - 150 C
  • Kido: Metalocalypse: +2 Gen Success, +1 Gen Range - 150 C
  • Kido: Slayer: +2 Nin Success, +1 Nin Range - 150 C
  • Killer Kancho: +1 Success - 150 C
  • Lucha Libre Style: Back Brain Kick: +4 Tai Levels - 100 C
  • Morning Peacock: +5 Gen Levels - 140 C
  • Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu: +3 Levels - 125 C
  • Piercing Fang: +1 Nin Success (Ninja Dog needed) - 20 C
  • Pinky Style: Pervert-Destroying Punch: +3 Tai Success, +3 Tai Range - 200 C
  • Primary Lotus: +1 Tai Strength, -1 Nin / Gen Strength - 60 C
  • Projectile Weapons: Kunai: +2 Tai Levels (Kunai needed) - 0 C
  • Projectile Weapons: Shuriken: +1 Tai Strength (Shuriken needed) - 0 C
  • Puppet: Black Ant: +2 Tai Levels (Ninja Puppet needed) - 20 C
  • Puppet: Crow: +2 Nin Levels (Ninja Puppet needed) - 20 C
  • Puppet: Salamander: +2 Gen Levels (Ninja Puppet needed) - 25 C
  • Rich Man's World: +15% Ryo on Regular missions - 25 C
  • Robogirl Style: Leek Spin: +4 Gen Levels - 100 C
  • Rock On: Baby Got Back: +5 Tai Range, -5 Strength - 2 C
  • Rock On: Spider Man: +5 Nin Range, -5 Strength - 2 C
  • Rock On: Webslinger: +5 Nin Successes, -5 Strength, -20 Stamina - 1 C
  • Second Face Jutsu: +1 Gen Strength, +2 Successes when Spying - 150 C
  • Sexy Jutsu: +2 Gen Levels - 50 C
  • Shadow Clone Jutsu: +2 Levels - 90 C
  • Shadow Imitation Technique: +1 Gen Strength, -1 Nin / Tai Strength - 60 C
  • Shadow Shuriken Technique: +3 Gen Levels (Shuriken needed) - 40 C
  • Shadow Strangulation: +2 Nin Strength, +2 Nin Levels - 125 C
  • Soul Reaper Style: Sense Weakness: +4 Nin Levels - 100 C
  • Soul Reaper Style: Flare, Slasher!: -2 Levels, +2 Success (Sword of the Reaper needed) - 0 C
  • Striking Snake Technique: +8 Levels - 400 C
  • The Gates: +2 Successes, +2 Strength, +2 Range - 500 C
  • Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death: +2 Gen Strength - 110 C
  • Twin Rising Dragons: +3 Tai Levels (Kunai needed) - 35 C
  • Twin Snake Sacrifice Jutsu: +2 Successes, -10 Stamina - 30 C
  • Water Clone Technique: +1 Range - 100 C
  • Water Prison Technique: +1 Success - 80 C
  • Water Style: Giant Vortex Jutsu: +5 Nin Levels - 180 C
  • Water Style: Water Dragon Missile: +4 Nin Levels - 85 C
  • Wind Release: Severing Pressure: +3 Nin Levels (Giant Fan needed) - 25 C
  • Wind Scythe Jutsu: +4 Tai Levels - 60 C
  • Windmill Triple Attack: -1 Tai, -1 Nin, +3 Gen Levels (Shuriken needed) - 30 C


  • Monkey Butler - +2 Range, +1 Strength, can help in Spying!

Unique Talents

My talent is Fire Style, Wind Style, Water Style, Blaze Style, and Earth Style. My kekkei genkai is that power that flash told me about, Lava Style, and Vapor Style. I have affinity with monkeys and was taught to me by Triple H himself. I have no idea how I keep gettin' those kunai. Maybe the Flash is a perv and leavin' those kunai as a mark of him spyin' on me(or maybe he's aware of my power). I Hopefully, I learn more Jutsu and advance my rank to be at the pinnacle of the shinobi world.


  • Hey, Hey, We're the Ninja!: +20 Stamina
  • Floating on Air: Hang Out with all current Team members, but all Ryo / Market Ryo is lost and Ally Friend Points are set to 1
  • Stand By Your Ninja: +100% Allies, Items, Ally Drop Chance
  • Battle of Champions:+100% Friend Points on regular missions
  • Flip Out: +25% XP/AP on regular missions
  • Good Night, Ninja: +1250 Friend Points to each teammate at the end of the day
  • All Together Now: +100% Ally Level Chance
  • Seasons Don't Fear: +100% HP on Bingos


Into The Loop : 5 Points
Complete Season 1
Achieved: 21:53 4/26/12

Monster Hunter : 5 Points
Loop after winning a Monster Drop from a Defeated Kaiju
Achieved: 21:53 4/26/12

Ninja World Warrior : 5 Points
Obtain the Letter of Marque
Achieved: 21:23 5/17/12

True Blood : 5 Points
Get True Blood of the Reaper
Achieved: 15:37 3/20/12

Groovy : 10 Points
Received Z-Rewards
Achieved: 05:12 4/30/12

Shadowboxing : 10 Points
Obtain Shadow Warrior
Achieved: 20:29 5/12/12

Awesome Abilities

Bottomless Appetite
Level 1: +20 Appetite (30 Awesome)
Unflagging Endurance
Level 1: +20 Stamina per Day (10 Awesome)


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