Wilford the Office Ninja
Season 1!
Level: 33 - Special Jonin (Ninjutsu)
The Wiki Village
- The Village Hidden in Information -
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Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-{$dourange}
Genjutsu: 11 (+1)
Strength:+1 Range: 1-10 Successes: 0
Ninjutsu: 11 (+2)
Strength:+0 Range: 1-12 Successes: 1
Taijutsu: 11 (+1)
Strength:+0 Range: 1-10 Successes: 0

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Character Description

This strange ninja has carefully combed-over brown hair on his scalp and a constant caffeine-induced twitch by his right eye. His eyes are a uniform white with no pupils or blood vessels, but a careful eye can spot specks of green iris. Wilford usually wears a grey or black business suit with black tie and white shirt. On rare occasions, he is seen in the only other clothes he packed for his business trip: a set of pink bunny pajamas with matching white bunny slippers.


Wilford's rise to ninja-hood began on a typical workday when Fate's mechanisms placed a flying bottle of white-out between him, his beloved water cooler, and his boss. Thinking quickly, Wilford dove to shield his boss's business suit from the bottle's splatter, and was rewarded with a glob of white-out in each eye. Fate, the boss's secretary and known prankster, thought this was hilarious. Her boss, who now had a speck of white on his suit and a blind, angry paper-pusher stumbling into his office, did not. He fired Fate, and sent Wilford on a short business trip to another continent where dangerous white-eyed men and women were apparently pretty common. Wilford packed one suitcase (with surprising accuracy for a blind man) and boarded an airplane to this strange new world. Though his eyes were now coated with white, during the flight and walk to his hotel room his vision was miraculously returning little by little. This did not stop a ninja from lifting his wallet and passport soon after landing. With no identification and no money, Wilford could not attend his business meeting and could not board another airplane to return to his home country. Stranded, he wandered the countryside with his suitcase until he heard rumors of a village that was focused on collecting and organizing information: the Wiki Village. Surely, Wilford thought, such a place would have plenty of paperwork to do. Desperate for the familiarity of paper-pushing, the wayward office-worker traveled to Wiki. The ninja there immediately recognized his potential for mastering the energy-sorting art of Ninjutsu and, much to his surprise and chagrin, drafted him into their Genin training program.

Wilford is currently looking for any contents of his pilfered wallet, developing his WhiteEye ability to see the unseen to help his search, while collecting and filing information for the Wiki village.

Notable Events

Wilford woke up and combed his hair with more excitement than usual. Today was the day of his Chunin written exam. Naturally, he hadn't studied any more than the D-rank errands that he took for the Wiki village. "If it's anything like my old self-evaluation exams at the office, this should be no problem" he said as he walked into the classroom.
He stumbled out six hours later, wearing a french maid outfit, with authentic cartoon swirly-eyes and a fountain pen-sized cut on his left arm. "That was nothing like my elf-decapitation exams…." # Failed Chunin Exams: 2 (Written)

Three weeks later, Wilford emerged from a completely different building, still wearing the maid outfit, but this time matching it with a victorious grin. On his way to his room, he passes through an alley with what may or may not be Lil' Ro and hands what may or may not be a large, heavy sack nearly bursting with Ryo to her.

Upon becoming a Chunin, Wilford was promoted to Assistant Potions Development Specialist at the Wiki Potion Palace, a duty he performs with gusto by spending his free evenings at a desk filled with vials and notecards and his free mornings in the Potion Palace library cataloguing his discoveries. His hard work paid off eventually: his alchemical studies were the perfect training for his Ninjutsu-specific Special Jonin exam.


WhiteEye: Wilford discovered his supernatural eyesight when his eyes were coated with a white substance, and he has since been developing and using this enhanced sense to look for people and items.


Lil' Ro Lv 2
Bruce Jr.
Lil' Whitey
Red Rover
Lil' Shammy
Mr. Sandman
Master P

Favorite Party: Team Bruce, invaluable for Bruce Jr's Taijutsu training and Lil' Whitey's tips on using the WhiteEye to channel stronger jutsu with less chakra. And Meatballs, well, at least she has nice hair.

Current Party: Billy, Pinky, Terri

Techniques and Jutsu

Standard Jutsu
Eight Trigrams Whirlwind
Eight Trigrams Eleventy-Billion Palms
Windmill Triple Attack
Puppet: Crow



Hot Picture of Emosuke
Professor's Hat
Aura of Fortune
Ninja Puppet (2)
Medal of Wisdom
Ring of Courage
Lion's Badge of C-C-C-Courage

Hairpin Piece (3)




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