Season 31+!
Knowledge Village
- The Village Hidden in Academia -
Standing: Vice Kage
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Good (?!)
Genjutsu: High
Ninjutsu: Very High
Tai: Above Average
Likes: Experiments

Character Description

Formerly seen wearing a long, hooded travel cloak over a Chakra/Bingo Armor, a Rebreather, and heavy duty army boots. Upon acquisition of Protagonist Rank has removed the cloak and armor. Currently appears to be in a Lab Coat, Mad Scientist Glasses, casual pants and shirt. All clothing (and areas of the body) are covered in rough stitches, as if sewn together on the go.

Physical characteristics:
Eyes (Blue), Hair Color (White), Height (178 cm), Weight (90 kg)

Distinctive characteristics:
A large screw seems to be embedded into the left side of the skull. Target occasionally seen turning the screw back and forth, as if fine-tuning something. Often seen with a happy smile.

Distinctive behavior:
Unorthodox movement patterns - target has been confirmed cartwheeling, running backwards, flying, digging through the ground and manipulating space to create portals (note: assumed to have difficulty opening portals during combat, except during Shikai)

Techniques and Jutsu

Genjutsu: High.
Ninjutsu: Very High.
Taijutsu: Above Average.

Resistance to Physcial Damage:
Above Average, bolstered by knowledge of advanced shape-shifting techniques.
Resistance to Mental Damage:
Extremely High, target seems to shrug off most Genjutsu-based attacks. Careful mental probes have met either with an empty void or a mesh of unrelated imagery, and some reported a feeling of being watched.

Reaper Abilities:
Shikai (activated by "Equalize, Mechanus!") transforms the sword into a pair of 'crisscrossing' chains on target's chest, going above the shoulders, over the shoulder blades, and connecting 20cm under the armpits. This allows the target to open a portal through which an energy beam roughly six meters in diameter is shot in the direction a portal is pointed. Combined with target occasionally yelling "LASER!" or "OCTOGONAPUS!". It was observed that
it usually takes about four seconds to set up.

Bankai consists of target falling to his knees, pounding the ground a few times with his fist, and ripping off the chains which then disintegrate. This has unconfirmed results, however observers reported dizziness, headaches, general weakness, and bleeding despite being quite far away. Combined with the fact that the target and his opponent would occasionally pause for a minute while looking at each other leads to a potential for the Bankai to be Genjutsu-based.

Fun Facts

TACODELUXEd up to +960.
Fought in the Old Arena.
9/11 picks in Pigeons.
First spar partner: Fax

Roulette Raffle

Occasionally you will see me doing a raffle in the PHC. Here are the guidelines:

The people who have entered will send me a link to YouTube with a song or music they like. It can be anything, as long as you consider it music and you like it.
Then, I will start listening to the songs one by one (listening, not watching). Once I have listened to the song and I feel I understand it, I will go to the roulette in BvS and bet something on the 11, then roll.
The number you roll will be your entry into the raffle, and the song that will make me roll closer to 11 than others will win something nice.
Prizes range from Tiger Bloods to Fox/Sand Spirits, Juiceglasses, or Kaiju perms.

Sometimes, there will be an accompanying story to go with it.
The closer you roll to 11, the better the results are and the higher your score, Green being the worst thing that can happen to the story (especially the one furthest down from 11, eesh. There was one time a dance club exploded in a ball of nuclear fire.)

In an event of a tie, I will reroll.




Ninja Kitty: Whisper
Ninja Squirrel: Hunter Killer
Ninja Tortoise: Cthulu
Honey Badger: Guten Morgen
Blazing Phoenix: Ember of Alar


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