Season 2!
Level: 54 - Jounin
Rokudaime Village
- The Village Hidden in In The Archives -
Doujutsu: {$doulevel} (+{$doubonus})
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-{$dourange}
Genjutsu: 18 (+7)
Strength:+6 Range: 1-15 Successes: 1
Ninjutsu: 18 (+6)
Strength:+5 Range: 1-15 Successes: 1
Taijutsu: 18 (+6)
Strength:+6 Range: 1-14 Successes: 1

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Character Description

Vesvius is a ninja of average height, and average weight. He has average looks, and is said to be average in every way. Of course, this is all speculative. No one has truly seen him save his victims, and all of them have refused to state what they look like. The only thing they all have in common is that after the attacks, they all have a strong aversion to Dragons.


Vesvius came out of obscurity, prompted to join the game by a shinobi known as elric. Once on the scene, Vesvius was a member of the founding crew of the TFF village, the first village in the fearsome alliance. After a short stay, and ill-advised sales on the black markey, Vesvius had enough ryo to start his own village. And thus, Rokudaime, Village Hidden in the Archives, was born.

But as the years turned, Vesvius grew disillusioned with his villagers. They did nothing, and left all the work of invading and spying to him. Rarely, one invaded, but that did nothing more then stoke the anger in this once proud shinobi. One day, quietly, Vesvius passed the reigns of Rokudaime over to Syialt. Then, he faded from the battlefield.

But one day, a ninja on the battlefield was struck down. The fallen couldn't describe their battle, as it had been far too fast. Nor could he describe their attacker, refusing to say a word on the subject. But on the way back to his village, that shinobi trembled as they passed a statue of a dragon. And thus, the world knew that Vesvius had returned.

It took many months of planning, but eventually, with his allies Timmy and Annie, Vesvius managed to fight past the devestating Ol' Whitey and Olmek to acheive the coveted rank of jounin. Not four days after that, Vesvius determined that there was nothing more he could do for his beloved Rokudaime anymore. He had no way to obscure his name from the feared Note, and no way to acheive the exalted rank of Sanin. So it was with a heavy heart that Vesvius bid farewell to Rokudaime and headed north, to the more prosperous gates of TFFA.

On the way to TFFA, Vesvius happened to cross pathes with his younger brother, Osominus. It seemed that TFFA, with it's constant invasions by Taxis, was far too dangerous for one as young and inexperienced as Osominus, so he was headed towards the more sedate pastures of Rokudaime. With the knowledge that his home village would not be without one of his family for long, Vesvius continued the long walk to TFFA.


White Eye

Legacy of the Hero: Not Currently

True Blood of the Reaper

The Trade



Techniques and Jutsu

Enough to Scare Small Children. And Large Children. Basically Everyone.






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