Ichime Uzuki
Season 1!
Level: 63 - Sannin
The Wiki Village
- The Village Hidden in Information -
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This page documents Season 1 of Uzuki. The main character of Season 1 is Ichime Uzuki, founder of the Wiki Village. He is also known as Shodai Annaikage and as the Wiki's Ghost Hound. He has been recognized as a Sannin, making him something of a living legend. (For information on the current season, please see Ekisata Uzuki).

Character Description

Uzuki is the former Annaikage of the Wiki Village, the Village Hidden in Information. He is currently missing in action.

Uzuki is a male shinobi in his late 20s. In most circumstances, he's usually wearing a nondescript, hooded black cloak which conceals virtually all of his distinctive features. Still, a close observer could note his prematurely grayed hair, and deep green eyepatch over his left eye. Careful observations of his movements indicate a rather gaunt, almost lanky form beneath the cloak. His movements are kept to a minimum, only shifting from a relaxed pose when absolutely necessary. His left hand is usually resting on a sheathed straight-edged long sword.

Uzuki usually travels with at least two 'companions,' if they could be called that. On his left side is a large golden ninja dog of indeterminate breed. On his right is a figure that is cloaked to an even greater degree than Uzuki himself. The only distinctive features of this figure are an oversized fan, of the kind often found in the Sand Village, and a pirate hat worn on his head. Closer inspection would reveal this second humanoid figure is actually a ninja puppet, controlled solely by Uzuki's right hand.


Legacy of the Hero

Uzuki was not born into a Shinobi Village, or even a Shinobi family. On the contrary, his parents fell victim to the Ninja World War early on his life, leaving him as an orphan, unwanted and unneeded in this world. He had to survive on the streets, moving from Village to Village as necessary in order to survive. He continued like this until he reached ten years of age, stealing to eat, thieving to survive. However, in his tenth year, something finally happened to change that cycle.

By pure happenstance, Uzuki found himself in a town that was under siege by some of SNAKEMAN's subordinates. It seemed that SNAKEMAN looking for new test subjects for his lab back in the Leaf Village. This Village would not last long, as their own Ninja had only recently joined the Ninja World War and were largely lacking in experience, while SNAKEMAN's lieutenant in charge was an ambitious Jonin named Illarion, who willing to do anything to win SNAKEMAN's approval. Disappointed with the 'samples' that this nameless village could provide, Illarion summoned a weakened snake, believed to be related to Amanda. He was ready to destroy this Village, and Uzuki with it.

It was at that moment that a Sealed Kunai flew through the air and pierced the ground at Illarion's feet. A moment later, a blond haired shinobi appeared. Illarion responded to this new intruder by utilizing a Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death jutsu. The nameless hero had no problem deflecting the needles of ice, but he was not cautious enough to insure that the deflected needles wouldn't hit any innocent bystanders. One of the spears of ice penetrated Uzuki's left eye as he watched on from the sideline of the battle field.

Realizing the damage that had been done to Uzuki, the hero decided to waste no more time on Illarion. In a flash of hand symbols, the stranger performed a powerful binding technique that captured both Illarion and his summoned snake into a small glass sphere, sealing all of their power in a concentrated form. He then raised his Sealed Kunai and sought to shatter the sphere, but the sphere resisted with an unexpectedly powerful defensive aura. Unable to waste more time with this, the hero approached Uzuki now.

The stranger remarked, "You will be the container for these demons. There is nothing else I can do with them now." With that, the hero forged hand symbols with his left hand as his right hand placed the sealed sphere into Uzuki's damaged left eye socket. The sphere glowed bright yellow with hatred, but the unknown man continued to seal the new eye into Uzuki, despite Uzuki's screams of protest. Through the process, the stranger forged Uzuki's eye patch of the soul. He finalized the sealing, and stated, "That eye patch will protect you from their power. Never remove it." With that, the stranger was gone.

Way of the Ninja

Though it was not intended at the time, providing Uzuki with the eye patch of the soul, Uzuki began to exhibit a startling efficiency for the ninja arts. By the age of 12, he was discovered by Flipper, who began his formal training as a shinobi. It did not take long to discover that Uzuki had an exceptional amount of chakra at his disposal and far more stamina than a boy his age ought to have. However, his training was inhibited by an increasing level of pain coming from his artificial left eye.

It took eight years of intense training under Flipper for Uzuki to be able to at least limit the effects of the chakra that was leaking from the spirits sealed in his left eye socket. No doubt, part of the reason that this took so long was due to Flipper himself being a rather weak and ineffective instructor, but Uzuki himself could hardly be said to be prepared for such training. He was not raised in a Ninja Village, nor did his family ever have any exposure to the Ninja Way. As such, Uzuki started his life as a Genin much later than most shinobi would have.

Despite this set back, Uzuki's late arrival to the world of the ninja was not without benefits. The years of intense meditation to attempt to subdue the powerful spirits in his left eye gave him an almost innate sensitivity to the spiritual world. It did not take him long to discover several items from the Other Side, such as the Heck Butterfly and Swallowtail Butterfly. Indeed, it seemed almost uncanny that most of his missions as a Genin seemed to push him towards the world of the Reapers.

The Other Side

By chance, Uzuki came across Robogirl locked in mortal combat with a number of unnamed demons. The direct encounter with those unsent souls set his left eye into a fire of pain and torment as the sealed souls inside of him thrashed to get free from his body. It was only through the help of Robogirl's Blue Flower Hairpin that he managed to survive the encounter at all. It was then that Shorty discovered Uzuki.

Shorty quickly realized what was going on with Uzuki. When he was a child, a human soul had been sealed inside of him as opposed to being sent to the other side. Because of this, the soul in his left eye had transformed into a full blown hollow, it had grown to extraordinary levels of power. The hollow form of Illarion combined with the summon snake to form a truly unholy creature that was ravaging Illarion's physical and spiritual body. But at this point, it was too dangerous to release the seal and let the demon free. Thus, Shorty began to train Uzuki to master the dark energy sealed behind his eye patch of the soul.

The first step of this training was to provide an additional level of sealing of the demon's power. To do this, Shorty guided Uzuki to sacrifice a great deal of his own physical and spiritual energy in the forging of a weapon that could exist outside of his body. With her guidance, Uzuki literally forged a blade with his chakra and the chakra leaking from his left eye. This blade became known as Jigokuseikatai, and it contained both part of Uzuki's soul and the concentrated power coming from the sealed demon in his head. The process of forging his blade dramatically weakened Uzuki. However, how he had a powerful weapon by his side.

It wasn't long before Uzuki was discovered by MC Stripeypants. Knowing full well that Uzuki had a demon living within him, simply sealing the power to an even greater degree would only delay Uzuki's descent into madness. No, MC Stripeypants sought to train Uzuki to harness that energy. After three intense days of training, MC Stripeypants intentionally weakened the seal on Uzuki's eye patch of the soul. This caused a flood of demonic energy to flow through Uzuki, transforming his being and his blade. However, due to the training he had undergone with MC Stripeypants and Shorty, he managed to harness that energy and focus it into Jigokuseikatai. Uzuki had attained Reaper Blood - Shikai.

Uzuki sought to return to his old sensei, Shorty to show her what he had accomplished. However, Shorty was not to be found, only a note saying "Shorty is to be executed for her crimes." It is said that Uzuki calmly placed the note on the table and walked out of Shorty's home as if nothing had happened. Within four days, Uzuki had amassed a small army to save Shorty.

He stood before the stronghold where Shorty was being held, along with his allies Tats and Fletch, in addition to his own apprentice Timmy. The four of them assaulted the citadel and made short work of all but one; Shorty's kidnapper, Mister Six stood before them. Uzuki did not pause or hesitate, but merely ran forth to engage Mister Six with Jigokuseikatai at his side. Despite being at his physical and spiritual best, Mister Six utterly dominated Uzuki at the beginning of the fight. But then, something happened. Uzuki's eye patch of the soul cracked and then fell away, revealing a bright glowing yellow eye in his left socket. Jigokuseikatai began to sing a new tune as the full power of the sealed demon in his left eye was unleashed. Uzuki had reached Bankai.

It's hard to say what happened next. Uzuki's Bankai form appears to distort the very fabric of reality around it, disorienting all the senses and even seeming to alter time itself. But one thing is known; Mister Six lied in defeat at Uzuki's feet. Shorty had been saved. Without a word, Uzuki departed from the citadel of Mister Six and returned to his own world, leaving the world of Reapers behind him.

Founding of the Wiki

Upon returning from the Other Side, Uzuki found his Village under attack by numerous Shinobi of an unknown Village. Bruce Sr., K.Y. and K-Dog had done their best to hold down the defenses as long as they could, but the Village was already burning by the time of Uzuki's arrival. Without uttering a word, he began the defense of his Village in what would be a rather spectacular display of his ability. Yet, by the time the attack had even been slowed down, much of the Village had already been destroyed, making it effectively a lost cause. It was at this point, Uzuki had managed to spot the organizer of the whole attack, SNAKEMAN.

Despite being drained, Uzuki made a quick rush for SNAKEMAN and attempted to go toe to toe with the Sannin level opponent. Despite knowing such an assault would likely be suicide, he continued forth anyway, never hesitating, never showing a glimpse of anger or joy. He simply fought SNAKEMAN to the best of his ability. While the fight stressed ever ability that Uzuki had, he was no match for the Sannin in his current state, too drained from his time spent in the Other Side. As SNAKEMAN moved in for the killing blow, a Sealed Kunai appeared by SNAKEMAN's side, followed by a yellow flash. The same Shinobi that had sealed Illarion in Uzuki's left eye had appeared once again, and once again, this nameless legend bested another foe before Uzuki's remaining eye. And, once again, the hero vanished.

SNAKEMAN had escaped, but not without being wounded. Uzuki's old Village was destroyed. K-Dog informed Uzuki that the Jonin Council had decided to promote him to a Jonin class Ninja for his heroism in protecting the Village. To this, Uzuki spoke the following words…

This village and its ranks mean nothing now. If they are not truly dead, they are dead to me. What I need now is not these weak comrades, but information to find the stranger.

With those words, Uzuki left the charred remains of his old village. He quickly assembled Ro-Sham-Bo for a special mission. He had trained these three Ninja before his trip to the Other Side for a one purpose: he needed an assassination and interrogation squad. With Zat at his side, he quickly picked up the trail of the wounded SNAKEMAN. After four days of following the scent, Uzuki's team found the villainous Sannin. SNAKEMAN had still not recovered from the earlier battle with the unknown hero. His body was weak and failing him. Rather than attack Uzuki, SNAKEMAN attempted to make a bargain in an attempt to gain a new body. Rather than submit, Uzuki's squad captured SNAKEMAN and began an interrogation that would last three days without rest. When it became clear that SNAKEMAN did not have the information necessary to find the stranger, he had Lil' Ro and Lil' Shammy deal with securing their prisoner. It was here that Uzuki realized he would need more. More than just four man squads. He would need a lot more.

He traveled to a remote mountain pass, far away from any of the major villages in the war. There, he threw a single sealed kunai into the dirt. "Here. This is where The Wiki will stand. This is where Information will gather. It is from here that I will find this stranger." With those words, Uzuki became the Shodai Annaikage of the Wiki Village hidden in Information.

The Stuff of Legends

It was not long after the founding of the Wiki that Shinobi from all directions flocked to the Village. It expanded quickly, beyond ordinary imagination. While it's population grew significantly, the defenses of the new Village were rather lax, and this drew the attention of numerous monsters, which beset upon the Wiki with surprising ferocity. Within a very short time, the Village had to defend itself from Vampires, J-Rock Bands and Fanboys. It was amongst these fiends that Ichime Uzuki began to truly make a name for himself.

However, Ichime Uzuki had begun to be tainted by the influence of having trained with SNAKEMAN. He was becoming darker, more willing to do whatever was necessary to achieve his goals. He had begun to train his allies in more extreme methods, experimenting on them to teach them new techniques, to grant them new abilities with the hopes of finding the Yellow Flash. Knowing that Emosuke was also seeking a Touchy, Uzuki and SNAKEMAN devised a technique to deny Emosuke his senses for two days straight in the Billy Bucket in order to enhance his RedEye abilities. The plan was a success, granting Emosuke incredible powers. Upon emerging from the sealed bucket, Emosuke Lvl. 3 insisted that they hunt for Touchy now. The Shodai Annaikage could only nod his head in assent, knowing full well this would be his best chance to find the Yellow Flash.

Ichime Uzuki gathered his pupil Timmy Lvl. 2 and one of his old trainers, Pandabear and set out with Emosuke Lvl. 3 to search for Touchy and the Yellow Flash. This was a day of legends. In a single day, countless were found, interrogated and destroyed by this team, and much was learned about Touchy and the Yellow Flash. With each encounter, Uzuki utilized the Obsessive Insight techniques that he learned from Anonymous, prying more and more information from each battle. Even when he had neared the end of his physical capabilities, Ichime Uzuki continued on, beyond the limits of his body by focusing his chakra to damaging effects. While much was learned about the world in that day, Emosuke Lvl. 3 did not learn the location of Touchy, nor did Ichime Uzuki learn where to find the Yellow Flash.

By the end of the day, the party of four retired to the party house of the Wiki. While the Shodai Annaikage did not learn what he truly wanted, he had gained vast amounts of information in a single day. That was something worthy of celebration. After several parties, Ichime's old friend J-Diddy appeared, and sat down at their table. J-Diddy howled and laughed, remarking, "You truly are the Wiki's Ghost Hound. Once you gain the scent of your prey, you never let it go, do you?" With another gulp of sake, J-Diddy continued, "We need to go to Imaginary Village. There's something there that you need." Knowing the worth of J-Diddy's words, Uzuki assented, agreeing to head out on the morrow.

The next day, Ichime Uzuki departed from the Wiki Village with J-Diddy, The Rack, SNAKEMAN, Triple H, K-Dog, Terri, and Tats on his way to the Imaginary Village. Imaginary was far from the Wiki, however, and it took several days to traverse the terrain. Along the way, Uzuki began to know his allies, learning their styles, their techniques, and the ways in which they were capable of summoning great beasts. Upon reaching Imaginary, all of them had begun intensive training with the Annaikage, developing his abilities in the arts of summoning. Within one day, Ichime had mastered the ability to summon every creature known to his allies.

Once more, J-Diddy spoke, "You are truly amazing, Ichime. Meet me at the Epic Monument of Imaginary, there is something we must discuss." Within the hour, Uzuki found himself face to face with the three who had become known as the legendary Sannin. Without warning, The Rack sprang forth to assault Uzuki with her incredible strength, while J-Diddy unleashed an incredible inferno of flames, and SNAKEMAN let forth a powerful genjutsu to bind Uzuki in place. In response to all of these attacks, Uzuki merely released his signature Heaven Song technique from his reaper sword, distorting the world around him with his blade.

Without even a look of shock, Ichime Uzuki sheathed his sword and turned his back on the Sannin. "I do not have time for your petty tests and ceremonies, there is information to be collected." From that moment on, the Shodai Annaikage, Ichime Uzuki was recognized as Sannin. More often he was called the Wiki's Ghost Hound than his own name. Without hesitation, Uzuki began the return trip to his home Village, not wanting to leave it longer than he already had. While the trip to Imaginary made Uzuki stronger than he ever had been, it had not moved him any closer to his goal of finding the Yellow Flash.

The Next Generation

Upon returning to the Wiki, the Ghost Hound found his Village under siege by a large number of space monkies, calling themselves 'nine-thousands'. Calmly, Ichime released the seal on Jigokuseikatai and unleashed his bankai. He then indicated to his traveling companions to hold for the moment, and then Ichime Uzuki disappeared from their view. He had used his Flying Thunder God Technique, and all but the most experienced shinobi, merely saw ghostly images of the nine-thousands meeting a bloody demise. Somewhere in the distance, a conversation was heard through the sounds of battle. One Saiyan yelled "What does the scouter say about his power level?" to which another responded in furiously, "It's over nine thousaaaand!" The screams of horror were soon silenced as Uzuki finished off the remaining creatures.

The Shodai Annaikage appeared before his group once again, his cloak slowly drifting back into place. He spoke calmly, as if nothing had happened, "The Village had done well in our absence. Over half of them were already dead before we got here." With that comment, he waved to dismiss his companions, but indicated that SNAKEMAN join him. "You and I need to speak."

SNAKEMAN hissed with a grin, "You'll never find what you seek when you like this. Your very existence is starting to cause the world around you to distort in your presence. Even my Second Face Jutsu won't conceal you when your levels of chakra are this high." Uzuki looked to his reluctant ally grimly, not uttering a word, but SNAKEMAN only laughed. "There is something I can do." The pair of Sannin continued to walk towards SNAKEMAN's lab in the Wiki. Upon arriving there, it became clear that the Snake had exceeded his authority once again.

On all sides, there were large tanks with the bodies of numerous human beings (if they could be called that). Most had visible deformities, extra limbs, tails, fewer eyes, pale skin. These were monsters, and SNAKEMAN had been creating them beneath the very floor of the Wiki. Ichime Uzuki just continued on, seemingly unsurprised, not even remotely unsettled by discovering what his old nemesis had been up to. When they reached the end of a line of tanks, SNAKEMAN rested a slithery set of fingers on a tank that seemed to encapsulate a small male. The being in the tank looked surprisingly normal, though still very young. The older Sannin spoke, "I've been working on creating new bodies for myself. It would….amuse me…were you to take one of them."

The Ghost Hound looked upon the creature in the tank, his interest raised. "What makes this one special?" he inquired, knowing full well that the Snake would never give him something if it didn't serve his own purposes.

A sinister look overtook SNAKEMAN's face, and he toyed with his prehensile tongue for a bit before responding with a sinister chuckle, "Why, he's you of course." He raised his hand to his chin and cocked his head to one side to look at the tank again. "No, that's not quite right. He's partially you. He's also got part of me in him as well. In fact, I've added genetic material of all of the Sannin in this Village to this boy's body. And," he let out another chuckle, "I've also added material from each of the monsters that you've slain. The Vampires, the nine-thousands, even the J-Rock Bands and Fanboys." SNAKEMAN's eyes lit up, as if he wanted to devour and consume the child. "He's the only one that's survived so far.

Uzuki rested his fingertips on the glass of the container, looking at the boy with a curious interest. "Continue this experiment. I will have use for this child. He will be Ekisata Uzuki."

The End of a Season

As Ichime left SNAKEMAN's laboratory, Shorty approached him. "Ichime, you're becoming increasingly unstable. I'm not sure that your body is going to be able to contain the spirit of Illarion much longer." Looking rather upset, she looked down and away from the Ghost Hound. "I don't think there's any other ways to vent your power either."

Without a smile or a trace of expression, Uzuki nodded at Shorty's words, as if he had already known them. "Gather Emosuke, K-Dog and Mister Six. The four of you will be sealing me away in two days time." Shorty began to protest, but Uzuki placed a single finger over her lips, indicating that he would not accept refusal.

Over the next few days, the Wiki Village was attacked again by two more monsters. First, by Crazed Mimiga and then by Robot Monkeys. SNAKEMAN continued to incorporate their data and their genetic material into Ekisata Uzuki's still forming body. At Ichimie's request, material from Emosuke and K-Dog was also included, to make the new body well suited for learning new techniques and abilities for tracking and hunting.

After two days passed, Emosuke, K-Dog, Shorty and Mister Six began the sealing ritual. All of Uzuki's power and being was to be sealed into a single scroll that would be known as a Letter of Marque. All of the Shodai's worldly belongings were taken aside, all of which were to be given to Ekisata. As the sealing process began, Ichime spoke to his closest friends and trusted allies, "The four of you, I am trusting my quest in your hands. Within SNAKEMAN's laboratory is a boy named Ekisata. He is my son. Give him my possessions and train him. He is a necessary step to find the Yellow Flash. He will be Annaikage in my absence."

As the Ghost Hound spoke, his essence began to fade. His power and his body were being sealed both by Ninjutsu arts as well as Soul Reaper techniques such that his uncontrolled energy could no longer do damage to the world around him. His final words, as Ichime Uzuki faded from this world were, "Protect him from SNAKEMAN." With that, Ichime Uzuki disappeared from this world.

The Uzuki story is continued in Season 2 with Ekisata Uzuki.


Legacy of the Hero
True Blood of the Reaper
The Trade


Notable Trainers

Shorty Lvl. 2

With little doubt, the most influential trainer on Uzuki's style to date has been Shorty. Having found Uzuki shortly after he became a shinobi, she is the one that guided him to master the demon power that had been sealed within him since he was a child. As such, Uzuki is widely regarded as a kido master. It is quite regular to see him utilize Kido: Iron Maiden, Kido: Metalocalypse, Kido: Slayer, and Kido: Nightfall when his stronger techniques are unnecessary.


Uzuki has now seen two Villages destroyed under the orders of SNAKEMAN, but that has not stopped him from learning the distinctive jutsu associated with SNAKEMAN. After the capture of SNAKEMAN and the founding of The Wiki, Uzuki subjected his captive to rigorous interrogation with the help of Lil' Ro Lvl. 2 and Lil' Shammy Lvl. 2. As a result, Uzuki has become quite proficient with various snake techniques, such as Second Face Jutsu and Striking Snake Technique. As a result of this peculiar training, Uzuki now ranks amongst the best spies in is Village.

List of Uzuki's Known Allies





Fighting Style

Uzuki's signature techniques are all audio based genjutsu techniques, most of which he had developed on the Other Side. His unusually high chakra levels, combined with the tools that he uses to diffuse that chakra, allows him to generate a wide variety of sounds which directly affect the mind to affect all five senses. The images generated by Ichime for his opponents are outright horrifying; each of them has been subconsciously generated from his own twisted psyche, which has been warped through years of taunting by the sealed demon in his left eye. Uzuki continuously generates these illusions whenever he enters combat. These continuous and unnerving visions are usually enough to offset Uzuki's own lack of physical strength.

Since the founding of the Wiki, his style had gained an increasing emphasis on the use of snake based ninjutsu. The capture of SNAKEMAN has lead Ichime Uzuki to become almost fanatically focused on finding the Yelllow Flash, and to accomplish this, he's increasingly forced SNAKEMAN to teach him techniques for tracking, spying, and binding of opponents. Uzuki's taken this training to such a level that he's now capable of even summoning the most powerful of snake's, Amanda. While there is little doubt these techniques are powerful, in many ways that have furthered Ichime's mental instability. The ability to shed his own skin, to change his face, and to dissolve into a pile of snakes has further reduced his own sense of who he is, being held together only by an intense desire to find the Yellow Flash.

Perhaps the one positive and stabilizing relationship that Uzuki's maintained is his relationship to Billy. While Ichime thinks Billy is little more than a joke most of the time, Billy has surprised Uzuki with his effectiveness many times. Because of this, Ichime has incorporated a number of Billy's distinctive (almost irrational) fighting characteristics into his own style. However, despite the similar unpredictability in their style, Ichime is not as much of a close range fighter as Billy is. Yet, like Billy, Ichime has near limitless chakra and stamina, allowing him to fight on much longer than an ordinary shinobi of his caliber.

This combination of genjutsu, ninjutsu, and irrational taijutsu makes Uzuki a very difficult opponent to engage. It's not that he has super hard hitting, fast attacks, but rather that he's near impossible to hit in the first place. His genjutsu, his slithering snake techniques, and the irregularity of his tactics make it almost impossible for a normal ninja to even get off an attack. Ichime will usually utilize this confusion to slowly wear down his opponent, wearing down both mind and body until the opponent has no choice but to submit or face destruction.

Notable Jutsu

Soul Reaper Style: Heaven Song, Jigokuseikatai!

Uzuki's most distinctive techniques are tied to his uses of his Sword of the Reaper, Jigokuseikatai. Like all with the True Blood of the Reaper, his Soul Reaper Style possesses three distinct forms. However, they are more a difference in degree, rather than difference in kind. The peculiar design of Jigokuseikatai in it's Shikai and Bankai forms cause it to emit a highly disorienting audio pitch. During Shikai use, this results in visual distortions around Uzuki and a general feeling of disorientation for all close by. The Bankai of this technique results in massive distortions of all five senses around all within range, not unlike extremely advanced Genjutsu techniques. This style is known as the "Heaven Song of the Hell Choir" due to it being an audio technique that relies upon the blade known as Hell Choir, Jigokuseikatai.

Attack on the Nervous System

While this technique was originally performed by medical ninja such as The Rack and Pinky Lvl. 2, Uzuki's variation can be done at much greater distances. Instead of converting his own chakra into electricity to disrupt the nervous system, Uzuki uses the sound waves from Jigokuseikatai to disrupt the brain waves. Uzuki's normal 'Heaven Song' technique simply disorients those close enough to feel the effects of the Heaven Song. In this technique, he actually concentrates the entire effect into the nervous system of one individual to a significantly more damaging effect. The result is a more powerful attack, although it requires much more energy than the normal Heaven Song. Like all techniques that involve his Sword of the Reaper, this technique becomes more damaging depending on whether Jigokuseikatai is in it's dormant, shikai, or bankai state. However, it can be used at any time.

Flying Thunder God Technique

Uzuki learned this technique during an all-out attack on his former Village by SNAKEMAN. At the time, Uzuki was barely capable of stalling SNAKEMAN's assault. At the last moment, a flash of yellow appeared and utterly wiped out the remaining invading forces. After a long period of training and studying a Sealed Kunai that was left behind, Uzuki has managed to master the technique used by this unknown shinobi. Once per day, Uzuki can utilize a sealed kunai to effectively teleport across great distances, putting him in a position to maximize damage done, almost insuring a successful battle. However, the drain on his chakra is incredible, and as such he's only limited to one application per day.

Billy Style: Earth, Wind, and Fire

Like Billy Lvl. 2, Uzuki's Earth, Wind and Fire technique is primarily a wind technique. He utilizes his chakra to cause a spinning vortex in a free hand and then combines this vortex with Wind chakra that is infused with distorting sound waves. Unlike the version that Billy Lvl. 2 uses, Uzuki's Earth, Wind, and Fire does less physical damage to the target's cells, but instead utterly destroys the sensory organs of the target by focusing the damage on the sense organs. Uzuki's version does not require point-blank range either, but instead can be thrown from medium distances. However, in exchange for the increase in range and the focus on particular organs in the target, Uzuki's variation tends to be less damaging to the target.

List of Known Jutsu

Archer Style: Blind Guardian
Attack on the Nervous System
Billy Style: Earth, Wind, and Fire
Bring Down the House Jutsu
Can of Whoopass
Clone Jutsu
Dark Consolidation
Disguise Jutsu
Epic Dog Urination Technique
Escape Jutsu
Exploding Tags: Activate
Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu
Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu
Flying Thunder God Technique
Human Juggernaut
Human Needle Boulder
Kido: Iron Maiden
Kido: Metalocalypse
Kido: Nightfall
Kido: Slayer
Mind Body Switch Technique
Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu
Obsessive Insight
Pinky Style: Pervert-Destroying Punch
Puppet: Black Ant
Projectile Weapons: Kunai
Projectile Weapons: Shuriken
Second Face Jutsu
Sexy Jutsu
Shadow Shuriken Technique
Soul Reaper Style: Heaven Song, Jigokuseikatai!
Striking Snake Technique
Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death


Notable Items

Ninja Dog - Zat

Uzuki's Ninja dog is a large, golden furred canine which clearly has some labrador blood in it, but it's actual genetic makeup is not entirely known. The dog's name is 'Zat,' though Uzuki is known to simply referring to her as 'dog.' Zat has been with Uzuki for a large portion of his training both as a shinobi and as a Reaper. While she does have some basic training in the ninja arts, Zat's primary purpose is for tracking and hunting rather than combat. It's rare that Uzuki is willing to put her in harms way intentionally. Despite that, there are clear scars on her body, though not from combat, but rather from continuous issues with parasites that seem particularly attracted to her. It is rare to find Uzuki without Zat nearby.

Sword of the Reaper - Jigokuseikatai

In it's dormant form, Jigokuseikatai just appears as an ordinary, straight edged long sword. The only special aspect to it in this stage is that it seems to be made of a particularly sturdy metal. However the sword becomes much more interesting when Uzuki unleashes his shikai limits. The sword transforms from having a single blade to having two blades that are parallel with one another, the edges both facing in the same direction. As a result of this double sword in one hilt design, any movement of either blade will cause audio vibrations to be reflected towards the other blade, and then back again. This process repeats creating a distinctive sound which Uzuki utilizes as part of his Shikai attack, the Heaven Song. In bankai form, the blade transforms again, this time creating a mirror of the shikai form out of the hilt. The result is more of a sword-staff than it is a standard sword. This doubling of the blades causes the audio attacks from Jigokuseikatai to become absolutely debilitating to the senses when Uzuki utilizes the Heaven Song.

The sword itself was forged from Uzuki's own chakra and spiritual energy, as well as the demon energy that was leaking from his artificial eye. The more Uzuki relaxes the seal from his eye patch of the soul, the more power Jigokuseikatai absorbs from from Uzuki's left eye. As such, the sword acts as a focus for the demonic energy that Uzuki otherwise wouldn't be able to control. Where other reapers may have to sacrifice their own chakra to maintain their bankai power, Uzuki ends up drawing on an entirely separate chakra pool, giving him much greater stamina in this form than he otherwise should have.

Ninja Puppet - Illarion

One of the ways in which Uzuki deals with the exceptional amount of demonic energy that leaks from his left eye is to subconsciously channel it into other items. Before Uzuki had access to his Sword of the Reaper to act as this focus, he had constructed his own Ninja Puppet. To do this, Uzuki exhumed the bones and grave soil from where the spirit Illarion had been buried and combined them with clay to construct a ninja puppet. As such, the puppet itself has become known as 'Illarion.'

While technically Uzuki controls the puppet, practically speaking it's the captured soul of Illarion that exists in Uzuki's left eye that is truly in control of the puppet. There are chakra strings that extend from Uzuki to puppet Illarion if one is skilled enough to see them, and cutting those strings will indeed cause Illarion to stop acting independently of Uzuki, such a strategy is not always ideal. Since Puppet Illarion acts as an outlet for the excess chakra that leaks from his left eye, once the lines to the puppet cease to be, all of the energy from Uzuki's left eye ends up channeled into his Sword of the Reaper or (perhaps even worse) into Uzuki himself.

While Illarion believes Uzuki to be a worthless creature that should have been destroyed during his assault on the forgotten village, he recognizes that Uzuki must survive if Illarion is to continue to exist. As such, Puppet Illarion acts as a guardian to Uzuki, acting independently of Uzuki's own will. In fact, Puppet Illarion has become so comfortable in his puppet form that the puppet can actually utilize advanced ninja weaponry on its own and use them in its own jutsu, even against Uzuki's will. In particular, Puppet Illarion has begun using a Giant Fan in combat, even though Uzuki himself doesn't know any Fan Techniques. Somewhere along the line, Puppet Illarion started wearing a Pirate Hat as well.

Puppet Illarion has a completely distinct personality from Uzuki, and will often berate and insult Uzuki on a regular basis. For the most part, Uzuki doesn't seem to notice the taunting of his own puppet, as Illarion has been demeaning to Uzuki since before he even had Illarion as a puppet. Before the puppet he simply heard the voices in his own head. Luckily for Uzuki, ignoring a puppet is a lot easier than ignoring voices in your head.

Full List of Items

11DBHK's Gold Necklace
Arena Favorite
Aura of Gratitude
Aviator Goggles
Beat-up Teddy
Blue Flower Hairpin
Book of Spoilers
Captain's Jacket
Coolness Badge
Giant Fan
Glowing Mood Ring
Heck Butterfly
Helper Pin
Hollow Leg
Jazz Hands
K-Dog's Headband
Letter of Marque
Monkey Cymbals
Necklace of the First HoCage
Ninja Dog
Ninja Puppet
Pirate Hat
Polar Star
Power Over 9000
Reaper Blood - Shikai
Red Water
Risky Badge
Sannin's Premium
Silver Hairpin
Soul Candy
Soul Glove
Substitute Soul Reaper Badge
Swallowtail Butterfly
Sword of the Reaper
Vampire Cloak


Somebody's Watching You!
Welcome to the Other Side!


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