Ekisata Uzuki
Season 2!
Level: 70 - Sannin
The Wiki Village
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This page documents Season 2 of Uzuki. The main character of Season 2 is Ekisata Uzuki, currently Sandaime Annaikage of the Wiki Village. He is generally regarded as the only son of Ichime Uzuki, and has largely inherited the abilities of his father. (For information on season 1, please see Ichime Uzuki).

Character Description

Ekisata Uzuki is a young male shinobi in his late teenaged years. He stands about 1.8 meters tall, and has a lean, but toned physique. His hair is a dark raven color, and kept short, close to his head. In most cases, his eyes are a dark brown, with the exception of when he activates his RedEye abilities. His face is kept clean shaven, and he is free of any distinguishing scars, but many people report that Ekisata looks familiar to them, even when they have never met him before.

This young shinobi inherited a large cache of items and weaponry due to his father's disappearance. As such, he often ends up dressed like his father. His standard attire includes a long black Vampire Cloak, but it is usually worn open, with the hood down as to not conceal this Uzuki as much as it could. Upon his head is the distinctive headband of the Wiki Village, containing that mysterious 'W'. Sheathed upon his back is his primary weapon, a Sword of the Reaper known as 'Jigokuseikatai', while there is a Trench Knife sheathed on his outer right thigh.

Ekisata continues to travel with his father's Ninja Dog, Zat. However, she has gotten much older than she was before. While she still remains a loyal tracking hound, her regular parasites and wounds have started to slow her down. To compensate for this, Ekisata has forged a set of armor for Zat out of a Ninja Puppet. This allows Uzuki to increase Zat's strength and speed, as well as to physically defend her by utilizing his own chakra focused into the Ninja Puppet.


The Birth of a New Annaikage

The first clear memory that Ekisata Uzuki begins with Shorty waking him up from what seemed like an eternally long sleep. She shook him quite violently, yelling his name, "Ekisata! Ekisata! Get up, it's time to go!" It is here that Ekisata first opened his eyes and stepped out into the world. She continued, "Oh good, you're awake! Your name is Ekisata Uzuki, son of the Shodai Annaikage Ichime Uzuki. You will be the next Annaikage, but I need to train you first. But we have to go! It's dangerous here!"

Ekisata lazily scratched his head and looked around somewhat confused. He seemed to be in a laboratory, far underground. Scientific instruments were everywhere, giant vats of green liquid, drilling machines, endless supplies of vials and potions on all sides. He wondered how he ever could come to sleep in a place like this? Still, he felt rested, and sleeping longer didn't seem appropriate. So he smiled to Shorty as if he didn't have a care in the world, "Alright, where are we headed then?" None of this seemed strange to him at the time, though it probably should have.

It wasn't long before Shorty presented the young man with a sword, indicating that it would be his from now on. He looked it over before glancing back at Shorty, off-handedly remarking, "This is Jigokuseikatai. My father's sword?" He looked over the blade curiously. In his mind, he knew that Jigokuseikatai was supposed to be a straight edged long sword, but this was a curved blade, longer and narrower than he would have expected Shodai's sword to be. Still, he hooked the sheath around his shoulders, placing the blade upon his back as if it had always been there.

"That sword is yours now. Ichime wanted you to have it. It's taken a shape that's more suited to you now." Shorty continued to present Ekisata with items, seemingly almost more than anyone could keep track of. But she paused for the two final items. First, she handed Ekisata a small sealed scroll. This was Ichime Uzuki's Letter of Marque. "Keep this with you, at all times. Don't ever open it. You'll know why you have it when the time is right." Ekisata blinked and nodded, not sure what to make of the scroll, but passively accepting the commands given to him, as if it were his nature to do so. Second, she gave the newborn ninja was the powers of Regalia. "With this, the world will recognize you as Annaikage, and Ichime Uzuki's son."

Ekisata only nodded to Shorty and gave a still sleepy yawn, "So when do we begin training?"

Shorty could only smile. Ekisata seemed so different from Ichime, but at the same time, they were so similar. "We leave soon. The Wiki Village is under attack, so we have to be discrete, and I need to take you to the Other Side." Ekisata nodded and hopped up from the cold steel operating table that he had been found on, and began to make his way towards the surface of the research installation. Shorty quickly made her way up beside him, "Storm Riders are currently attacking. The Village will be able to handle them, but it would be bad if they got their hands on you and your Regalia. So, we'll sneak out through the tunnels."

As Shorty spoke, they reached the surface of the Natural Research Facility, and Ekisata looked out to see his Village, his home, under attack by the Storm Riders. His right hand moved behind his back, and rest upon the hilt of Jigokuseikatai. "Miss Shorty, I need a few moments here. There's something I need to take care of."

Shorty went wide eyed, "Absolutely no…" before she could even finish her sentence, Ekisata had thrown himself into the fray. "Ekisata! Eki! Get back here, you're not ready for this yet!" However, at this point, Ekisata was long gone, and she was unable to even find him.

Over the next two days, Ekisata Uzuki did nothing but fight the Storm Riders. This was the day that began the second story of an Uzuki. Despite his complete lack of experience, his utter lack of knowledge of any but the most basic of jutsu, Ekisata fought at the level of a Sannin. Over ten percent of the massive Storm Rider forces were taken out by Ekisata alone, holding his own along side the other legendary Sannin that have made the Wiki Village their home. By the dawn of the third day, the Storm Riders were defeated.

When combat ended, Ekisata met with the officers of the Wiki. Despite three days of hard fighting, he was still in a good mood, still seeming to enjoy the entirety of the world. "Gentlemen, it is my belief that these Storm Riders have come on the news that the Ghost Hound of the Wiki is gone. And, it is true, my father is gone for now, but the world needs to know that we are not weak." Ekisata grinned and rested his chin in his left palm, "What do you say we rough up the world a little bit? Let 'em know we're here, and not to be messed with?" There were some mutters amongst the officers, as none knew that the Shodai Annaikage even had a son, and were unsure whether this stranger were to be trusted. "naito, head to the Void Village and speak with their Kage, Aeryes. Tell him we are building a monument so incredible that the world cannot deny our power. He'll know what to do." Ekisata then kneeled, and drew three circles in the dirt, a very poorly drawn map, as it were. "I'm going to personally invade these two neighboring villages. If I die, the Nidaime remains Annaikage." Ekisata grinned again. "But I won't die. You'll see me shortly after dawn."

The next day, Ekisata kept his promise. In what seemed like an instant at dawn, Ekisata Uzuki personally invaded two major neighboring Villages, both of which were wealthy and strong beyond compare. He returned in the late morning with the spoils of his efforts and clapped his hands before the outer walls of the great village. "Now, we will build a monument, an Epic Monument! The world will see that the Wiki Village is not built on the back of one man, but made up of many great men! We are a force unto the world, and that can no longer be denied!"

From just inside of the gate, Shorty laughed. "You really are Ichime's son. Or, maybe I should say, you really are Sandaime Annaikage. It was decided while you were out doing the impossible. But, I've let you have your fun, Ekisata. Ichime asked me to train you, and I'm going to train you!"

Explosive Training

So Ekisata's training began. Shorty had taken the Sandaime to a remote plateau, where they would be uninterrupted for a long period of time. However, this remoteness did not lead to isolation. For this trek, Shorty brought along some of Ichime's trusted allies. Initially, there was only Meatballs, Red Rover and Spot to aid in this affair, but this would not last long. Word would soon spread of the training of the son of the Wiki's Ghost Hound, and many would come to witness the spectacle.

Atop the plateau, Shorty faced Ekisata, and spoke thus, "The first step of your training is to properly learn to use your Sword of the Reaper. While it was once Ichime's blade, you now wield it. As such, it has reformed to suit your own spiritual abilities. Now, here's what you must do," Shorty signaled to Meatballs, Red Rover, and Spot. "You must defend against these three for twenty-four hours straight. You may not injure them at all, but during this whole time, they will be trying their utmost to kill you. The only way you can survive this is if you master your unreleased Sword of the Reaper.

Ekisata, smiled a good natured smile and unsheathed Jigokuseikatai and slowly drew the sharpened edge across his left palm, causing his blood to spill along the blade. He then retraced his fingertips through the blood to spell out intricate symbols along the length of the entire sword. With that, he held the sword before him and then nodded to Shorty. "Tell them they shouldn't hold back. Their doing so would be dangerous for me." With those words, Ekisata struck the ground with the tip of his sword unleashing an explosion right at his own feet; the symbols now upon his Sword of the Reaper were the same that most shinobi use on Exploding Tags.

Meatballs, Red Rover, and Spot didn't wait for the sign to begin from Shorty, but rather immediately began their attack. Meatballs was the first to strike with her Twin Rising Dragons technique, sending a hail of kunai towards Uzuki's position, however this move was already too late. Ekisata had used the initial explosion for cover, and had already begun to move at high speed towards the pair Red Rover and Spot. The canine pair began to prepare a Piercing Fang jutsu, but were caught completely off guard by the offensive nature of Ekisata's defense. Again, Ekisata used the symbols on his blade to create an explosion for covering fire, despite intentionally moving in to short range against a pair of fighters who operate best within that realm.

"He really is like Ichime, isn't he?" spoke a new voice. This time, it was MC Stripeypants. "You never can tell what these Uzuki kids are going to do, can you?"

Shorty seemed hardly surprised at the newcomer. "Ichime would never be so rough with Jigokuseikatai. To actually use ninjitsu explosions on the blade, I've never seen such a thing! And he's supposed to be defending! Why's he attacking Red Rover and Spot?!"

"He is defending, just not in a way that you or I would think to do so. But he is defending. He seems to feel more comfortable in close quarters, and the dogs can't seem to get close to him with all his explosions. And with Red Rover and his dog there, Meatballs can't get off a clean shot. Now it's just a test of his endurance." MC Stripeypants continued to watch intently as the fighting continued like this for the rest of the day, "He's going to surpass Ichime soon. This is good, there are things that we'll need him for."

By the twenty-fourth hour, Meatballs, Red Rover, and Spot were all fighting at a much higher level than they had at the start; this had been good training for them as well as Ekisata. However, by this point, they were tired, although the Sandaime was still ready continue. It was at this point that Shorty yelled at the top of her lungs, "Uzuki, behind you!"

With little warning, Right appeared on the plateau, note page in one hand, a pen in the other. While Ekisata made a quick move to intercept Right, the move came far too late. Right had written Ekisata Uzuki's name upon a note page, causing the second Uzuki to clutch his chest and suddenly fall over dead. Shorty went side eyed with disbelief as her ward's life suddenly ended.

Hyuk laughed as he entered the scene, making his way over to the corpse of Ekisata. Anonymous gently prodded Shorty in the side, "Don't worry. We have need of him as well. He's going to need to die first, before he'll be of use to us. Ichime experienced the same thing." As Anonymous spoke, Hyuk returned the second Uzuki from the dead, before tapping him on the head and dropping a Juicy Apple in his lap. Right, Hyuk and Anonymous did not remain long. It appeared their plans for Ekisata were rather limited, and only needed him to die for just a moment.

Shorty let out a sigh of relief and smiled at Ekisata. "Your training is coming along well. You've figured out how to use Jigokuseikatai in it's unreleased form. Before you can learn to release it, you'll need to refine your RedEye. Right now, you can only really copy jutsu. You can't predict your opponent's moves." She brought a single finger up to her chin and looked up towards the sky, pondering the best way to train this Uzuki's bloodline ability. Before she could respond, a new opponent appeared on the stage.

"I'll fight him!" A fit man, his cap flowing in the wind, stood at the edge of the plateau. "This hand of mine burns with justice, and I've come to see this if this son of a Legend is worth my time!" He reached up and undid his cape, throwing it to the breeze and took an offensive martial arts stance. "My names Doughman. I've come to fight you to see if you're worth my time." Ekisata grinned at this new challenger and sheathed his sword. Despite the fact that he had already fought six opponents in the past twenty four hours, he was prepared to go another round with this new stranger.

The Wiki's Sandaime's fight with Doughman went on for nearly an hour, with neither being able to get the upper hand. After such a prolonged fight, Doughman began to prepare his ultimate attack: This Hand of Mine. Ekisata Uzuki smiled once again, as he saw an opening. Doughman rushed forward, his hand glowing red with energy, coming only inches from Ekisata's face. The only thing that saved the Sandaime was Ekisata's knowledge of Ichime's Jazz Hands! Ekisata Uzuki then pressed the offensive, moving in to finish the fight, his eyes glowing fierce. Doughman expertly blocked Ekisata's final attack, but not without taking a significant beating.

"Those eyes! Just like the Eye of the Tiger! You will help me in my crusade!" Doughman's words rang true. Ekisata Uzuki's RedEye had changed it's form. No longer was it a simple RedEye, but the pupil had narrowed to a thin slit giving it the appearance of a tiger's eye. It is with this eye that Ekisata would learn to read his opponent's moves before his opponents even knew it themselves.

MC Stripeypants clapped his hands. "You're almost ready Ekisata. It won't be long before I can explain to you what it means to wear pants. Three more days. We're going to need three more days of training."

(To be continued)


True Blood of the Reaper
Mysterious Power
The Trade
Wasteland Disease





Techniques and Jutsu

Archer Style: Blind Guardian
Archer Style: Dragonforce
Archer Style: Kamelot
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Epic Dog Urination Technique
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Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu
Grim Prediction
Inner Monologue
Kaleidoscope Eye
Kido: Harder Better
Kido: Iron Maiden
Kido: Metalocalypse
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Kido: Slayer
Lucha Libre Style: Faster Stronger
Lucha Libre Style: Pity the Fool
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Ninja Art: Hottie Regeneration
Obsessive Insight
Perfect Girl Evolution: Goth Goth
Perfect Girl Evolution: Loli Loli
Projectile Weapons: Kunai
Projectile Weapons: Shuriken
Robogirl Style: Leek Spin
Rock On: Baby Got Back
Rock On: Spinal Tap
Running Man
Soul Reaper Style: Blood Ocean
Soul Reaper Style: Heaven Song, Jigokuseikatai!
Soul Reaper Style: Sense Weakness
Striking Snake Technique
Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death
Turn the Page


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Warrior of Courage



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