Uzachiha (Mark 1)

Tondeo Vulpes volpes canis , Vitium Kaiju of Immortalis Bone Regnum
Reaping Fox dog, Vice Kaiju of the Immortal Bone Realm.

When the Dragon swims, everything ends Ninja.jpg <- Human state
55068.jpg <-Transform state

Ayashi Nin Village
- The Village Hidden in the Bone Realm -
Season 8!
Level: 26 - Chunin
Genjutsu: 9
Ninjutsu: 8
Taijutsu: 9
Doujutsu: 24
Permanent Items: 107
Trophies: 28
Player Ranking: #1501

Notice: Information on this is solely the responsibility of the player, and his total Awesomeness.


+** Character Description**
Uzachiha is just a name he fashioned for himself. Not even the village leaders know his real name. But that doesn't stop Bingo'ers. At the mere age of 14, he rose quickly to Jonin, and plans to make a village one day. And his left arm is made of mythril for better jutsu. He is also capable of transforming into a strange cat like creature, but prefers his Human form which has a pen that can cause videogame and anime/manga characters out of there natural worlds to fight for him.

+** History**
After he became Chunin in Season 1, he joined Pokemon village, but he was bored there so he left. Shortly after, he joined Finale, but was kicked out on the Leader saying he hadn't played lately. (Finale used to kicked you out if you're gone for 14 days, he was gone for 4.) He is doing great, despite a giant eleventy billon tailed kaiju tailing him… oh yes, he works for Ayashi Nin currently in season 8, as one of Gyo's Vice Kai. Also responsible for patching up the ReHive vs Ayashi Nin mini flame war, and he is a ally of Smegal. He also argues with Gyoshido a lot.

Little known facts:

#He actually shares a name with one of his allies.
#You may know him as "Venus"
#He really is a ninja, and McM kicked him out of Hammergirl, which is the equivalent of the sun, therefore beating Gyoshido to the Punch.


Eye of the Storm
Not Wasteland Disease
(What ever season he's on, but prefers Legacy)
True Blood of the Reaper
The Power of Greass
The Trade


They prefer not to aknowledge the fact they know him.


Twilight Guardian (?)

Items (Note, these are not all of them, just the ones his character carries.)

Duelist's Aura: 1
Duelist's Eye: 1
Giant Fan: 1
Knightmare Frame: 1
Ninja Dog: 1
Ninja Puppet: 1
Poisoned Daggers: 1
R00t Password: 1
Sascha: 1
Silver Scythe: 1
Stealth Suit: 1
Sword of the Reaper: 1
Utility Belt: 1
The Mark of Eleventy Billion: 1
Bow of Windia: 1
Book of Follet: 1
Catgirl Entourage: 1 (So he can carry all the weapons and such.)
Firebrand: 1
Nonja Sidekick: 1
Boots of Walking: 1
Knapsack: 1
NanuMachines: 1
Pistol of Repeating: 1
Bear Coat: 1
Solid Shades: 1
Dustcloak of Sneaking: 1
Regalia: 1
Cowl of the Second HoCage: 1
Scythe of Razing: 1
Counterfeit Permit: 1
Captain's Jacket: 1
Dramatic Monologue: 1


Floating on Air
Killer Montage
Hey, Hey, We're the Ninja!
Reach for the Sky
The Flash
What The Crap
You Spin Me Right 'Round
28 Dayrolls Later
Battle of Champions
Flip Out
Nothing Is Happening
Stand By Your Ninja
Teacher's Pet
The Road to Womanhood Money for Nothing
All Together Now
Good Night, Ninja
My Name Is
Phoning It In
Seasons Don't Fear
Write it Down
Emo Rock Ballad


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Tondeo Vulpes volpes canis , Vitium Kaiju of Immortalis Bone Regnum
Reaping Fox dog, Vice Kaiju of the Immortal Bone Realm.

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