Season 2!
Level: 45 - Special Jonin(Genjutsu)
Wiki Village
Genjutsu: 15 (+8)
Strength: 4 Range: 1-15
Successes: 1
Ninjutsu: 15 (+8)
Strength: 3 Range: 1-14
Successes: 1
Taijutsu: 15 (+8)
Strength: 3 Range: 1-13
Successes: 1

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Character Description


A member of the prestegious WhiteEye clan, Tsubani recieved the special training in the use of her bloodline ability. Well removed from the ruling family, she had little contact or involvment with her cousins until entering the Ninja Academy in the Village Hidden in The Dreams. Tsubani was recognized as one of the best taijutsu users in her class, though not up to the level set the year prior by Lil' Whitey. Spending time with the clan heiress, Tsubani tried to get her to become more assertive, the plan sort of worked as Stalkergirl began stalking, Tsubani isn't sure if it was an improvment.

Graduating the academy, she eagerly began her ninja carrer, predominatly in the company of both her cousins and later their friends Red Rover and Bugman. When the time came for the Chunin exams, Tsubani's all-seeing eye failed to show her the way through the writen test and, while her taijutsu skills were excellent, her skills in ninjutsu and genjutsu were decidedly lacking. It took the young teen three tries before she managed to pass the exam.

However, there was an unexpected side effect of her intensified training in her bloodline, she began seeing things others couldn't, beings called spirits and Reapers and hollows. It took several encounters with a Reaper in trouble before one of the odd butterflies that were commonly found near them began to hover around her. She followed it's urging several more times to events that would lead her to other artifacts of the Other World.

Tsubani's comparitivly leasurly life was interrupted when an attack on a village under the Succubus' protection lead the kage to lead the Dreamnin into war. Tsubani, though fearful of her friends lives in a much more dangerous field then the missions they had been assiged before, threw herself back into her training in order to protect them better. Her efforts lead to her election to the rank of Specil Jonin under Taijutsu.

As the war began to clam some what, or as the village began to get used to being at war, Tsubani found herself once more pulled into the affairs of those passed beyond life by a Reaper woman named Shorty. Though she still dilligently protected her village from the more 'mundane' threats of enemy nins, Tsubani began to spend more time in the Other world dealing with threats coming from hollows and other spirits.


Legacy of the Hero


Annie Level 2
Billy Level 2
Bruce Jr. Level 2
Bruce Sr.
Emosuke Level 2
Lil' Bo Level 2
Lil' Ro Level 2
Lil' Shammy Level 2
Meatballs Level 2
Mr. Sandman
Mr. Smith
Pinky Level 2
Red Rover Level 2
Rover's Mom
Smokey the Bear
Spot Level 2
Stalkergirl Level 2
Terri Level 2
The Scar
Triple H


Techniques and Jutsu

Shadow Clone Jutsu
Exploding Tags: Activate
Projectile Weapons: Shuriken
Projectile Weapons: Kunai
Mind Body Switch Technique
Epic Dog Urination Technique
Clone Jutsu
Disguise Jutsu
Escape Jutsu
Great Wind Scythe Jutsu
Wind Release: Severing Pressure
Dust Wind Technique
Wind Scythe Jutsu
Bring Down the House Jutsu

Soul Reaper Style: Soar, Sturm Falke!



Exploding Tags
Smoke Bombs

Looping Items
Creepy Love Letter
Helper Pin
Professor's Hat
K-Dog's Headband
Love Love Paradise
Sevens Trophy
Monster Mask
Coolness Badge
Glowing Mood Ring
Love Love Paradise
Hollow Leg
Letter of Marque
Stealth Suit
Perfect Hair

Soul Glove
Heck Butterfly
Swallowtail Butterfly
Blue Flower Hairpin
Sword of the Reaper

Giant Fan
Ninja Dog
Ninja Puppet
Chakra Armor
Trench Knife
Training Sash
Counterfeit Permit

Substitute Soul Reaper Badge


Opening Themes
Hey, Hey, We're the Ninja!

Battle Themes
Stand By Your Ninja
Teacher's Pet
Lucky Sevens
Battle of Champions
Drunken Fist
Flip Out

Ending Themes
Money for Nothing
All Together Now
Good Night, Ninja
Seasons Don't Fear


Somebody's Watching You!
Welcome to the Other Side!


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