Season 1!
Level: 6 - {$rank}
Bandit Village
- The Village Hidden in test -
Doujutsu: 0 (+{$doubonus})
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-10
Genjutsu: 2 (+{$genbonus})
Strength:+{$genstr} Range: 1-10 Successes: {$gensuc}
Ninjutsu: 2 (+{$ninbonus})
Strength:+{$ninstr} Range: 1-10 Successes: {$ninsuc}
Taijutsu: 2 (+{$taibonus})
Strength:+{$taistr} Range: 1-10 Successes: 0

Notice: Information on this is solely the responsibility of the player.

Character Description

A tall woman, standing about 5 feet 7 inches. She's vary pale to the point it almost looks sickly, but instead of just being colorless there's almost a white glow to the paleness. Her eyes are usualy hidden from view as most people find them odd, sometimes frightening due to a strange color mix.
She often wears little clotheing, what she does wear often made of light material and there is never any metal besides silver, gold, or bronze touching her skin if she can help it.
She perfers wearing knee high boots to regular shoes, always lace up, and usualy carries a utility belt of sorts.
Her favorite outfit consist of a corset like dark green top that stops just above her belly button, a pair of brownish colored shorts, her utility belt, a regular belt, white thigh high stockings, black knee high boots, and off white or green spats over thouse. She always wears gloves of some sort.
Her favorite weapon is a short sword or throwing needles, her choice changeing depending on her mood.


Currently suffering from memory loss


Information unavalible


Information unavalible

Techniques and Jutsu

Projectile Weapons: Kunai
+2 Tai Levels - (Item needed: Kunai) 0 C

Escape Jutsu
Automatically lose a regular mission and regain stamina lost - (Item needed: Smoke Bombs) 0 C

Projectile Weapons: Shuriken
+1 Tai Strength - (Item needed: Shuriken) 0 C

Disguise Jutsu
+1 Gen Level 25 C

Clone Jutsu
+1 Levels 35 C

Exploding Tags: Activate
+3 Nin Levels - (Item needed: Exploding Tags) 10 C






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