Season 1!
Level: 45 - Jonin
Reikoku Village
- The Village Hidden in The village hidden in the Storm -
Doujutsu: 4 (+0)
Strength:+{$doustr} Range: 1-12
Genjutsu: 15 (+7)
Strength:+4 Range: 1-16 Successes: 1
Ninjutsu: 16 (+11)
Strength:+4 Range: 1-17 Successes: 1
Taijutsu: 14 (+6)
Strength:+3 Range: 1-16 Successes: 1

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Character Description

TakoMan Has Greyish hair, fair skin tone, brown eyes, uses Cammo-patterned clothes and a fur on his shoulders


TakoMan is the Son of Ojimaru, a Member of the Village Relentless,(which blew up, and became the Immortal Realm of Reikoku) leaded by the now KaijuKage Death 69. He dreamed that his son would follow his footsteps, and he did so, he joined Reikoku to become a Puppet Master.
His father mysteriously disappeared, never to be seen again.


[WhiteEye, Wasteland Disease]


Techniques and Jutsu

Does a magician explain his tricks? i don't think so..


No summon pacts are known to have been mad


[Survived the Impossible: 1
Professor's Hat: 1
Monster Mask: 1
Heck Butterfly: 1
Substitute Soul Reaper Badge: 1
Ninja Dog: 1
Badge of Power: 1
Badge of Courage: 1
Soul Glove: 1
K-Dog's Headband: 1
Soul Candy: 1
Sword of the Reaper: 1
Ninja Puppet: 1
Badge of Wisdom: 1
Ring of Wisdom: 1
Codec: 1
Captain's Jacket: 1
Dog Collar: 1
Stripe of Honor: 1
Blue Flower Hairpin: 1
Love Love Paradise: 1
Ring of Courage: 1
Ring of Power: 1
Giant Fan: 1
RingEye: 1
Shadow Warrior: 1
Medal of Courage: 1
Medal of Wisdom: 1
Trench Knife: 1
Medal of Power: 1
Necklace of the First HoCage: 1
Sascha: 1
Aura of Fortune: 1
Chakra Armor: 1
Basic Ninja Gear: 1-]


[None are known]


[ Shadowboxing : 10 Points
Obtain Shadow Warrior
Achieved: 15:40 6/16/10-]

Awesome Abilities

[None are known]


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