Susano 4, Slayer From Seraphiam and Raging God of Ragnarok
Susano 4
Season 1!
Level: 49 - Jonin
Ragnarok Village Village
- The Village Hidden in the Astral Plane -
Doujutsu: 3 (+2)
Strength:+0 Range: 1-12
Genjutsu: 16 (+2)
Strength:+0 Range: 1-12 Successes: 1
Ninjutsu: 16 (+2)
Strength:+0 Range: 1-13 Successes: 1
Taijutsu: 17 (+3)
Strength:+0 Range: 1-13 Successes: 1

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Character Description

Occupation:Knight-Ninja(Kni-nin for short)
True name:Shardon Voldes
Weapon(s):Large sword with magnetic suriken on the hilt. Zanpakuto
Parents & siblings:Father:Joshua Clapper,Final Knight;Mother:Yosa Voldes, Final Ninja, fourth sannin of the leaf,
and Zidokage of the Hidden Space Village;Sister 1:Zera Voldes, destined Final Queen, 12-winged angel;
Sister 2 & brother:Cesesa Voldes(fe) & Xero Voldes(m)
Partners(his outside allies): Dogu Matsumio, Suzaku Morosa, and (wife) Senata Voldes
Weapon:Large blade with magnetically charged suriken in the place of a handguard.


Susano 4(a.k.a Shardon) holds the title of "The ninja of three villages". This due to his mother's, the Zidokage of the hidden Space Village, influnce in the Leaf village(where she lived and trained for most of her life). She wrote a notice that allowed him to train in the Leaf (and later Ragnarok) village. He took a millenia off(prior to joining Ragnarok Village) after the War for Eden. While taking a nap with his teammates(in the Space Village) he saw a spiritual image of the Fourth Hokage. He said,"Susano 4(shardon), you have
a new journey ahead of you. Find the three grand warriors of Ninja World and purify Snakeman's soul. The first warrior is my son Billy(Naruto), the others I do not know." This mission in mind Susano 4(Shardon Voldes), Aether(Suzaku Morosa),
Invisi-hand(Dogu Matsumio), and She-Cupid(Senata Voldes) set off to find these warriors. Soon after joining Ragnarok Village they found Billy.

They told him the story, met with a confused look and various unrelated questions. Finally, the usually calm Aether snapped.
Aether:"I don't get what this idiot's appeal is; I mean sure his father is the fourth hokage, and sure he has a demon in him, but so what ………………..". His constant conplaining is ended when a girl in a red kimono jumps on his head. She slips and falls.
Susano 4 recgonizes her as Shorty(Rukia). Susano 4:"So how is our favorite little Ice Queen(remebering her Zanpakuto's skill"
Shorty:"*gets up* Bite me. I'm busy at the moment, so why don't you… Oh, it's you. Mc Stripeypants(Urahara) is looking for you.
He says he has something for you.

So reluctantly, they make their way to the Stripey Shop(Eh). Mc S.p.:"Your late! who do you think you are K-dog?"
Shorty:"I brought him didn't I! I ought to……. What?" Mc:"*creepy grin* Now the fun begins!(?) Sit. Now I'm more than certain you want to know why your all here. Well I called you all for *dun dun duh* :Reaper training!
Aether:"*Nosebleed* That's it? TRAINING!? I'm a Master Persona-user!
Mc:"Yes, but your mission calles for it. Especially you, Susano 4. I have a special suit that'll boost your power through the roof."
Susano 4:"And I need this why? My Kni-nin armor is more than capable of this trifling task.
Mc:"But you haven't been able to call upon a Zanpakuto yet, while your little brother and sister(from your mother of course) have.
this suit will allow you to break that limitation, and set you down the right path."

Susano 4's only true weakness is his jealousy. Susano 4:"I'll take your training."
M.c.:"Alright here are your suits. *presses a button* See you fools in three days."

Three days later… Invisi-hand and She-cupid are playing cards.
Invisi-hand:"*mutter*Can't believe he left us in a hole.". She-cupid:"Your just jealous because your Zanpakuto won't awaken."
Aether:"Loom, Erebus!!" Shorty:"Good job! Oh and don't think I don't know why your nose was bleeding."
Susano 4:"Hey could I get a hand here, she's getting out of hand!"
Dretsegia:"Your father never complained when I trained him. Man up and find my two forms before my others K.O. you(he's immortal)"
Susano 4:"Got'em! Banshee wind! Seraphi Gust!!" Dretsegia:"Well done. I'll leave you with my little sister(?!) and return to your father." Hyuk:"That there was some perty fightin' I think I'll hang with you for now."
Later ,after they beat the unliving snot out of Mc Stripeypants, they are rejoined with Billy(who brings Strawberry(Ichigo) along)
and they talk about their plans. Strawberry:"Three Grand Warriors. Billy is one of them. Hyuk have any Ideas?"
Hyuk:"Hyuk, hyuk, I might. Ever heard of Right?" Susano 4:"Yeah, he was the Light attribute at the Alter De Fin. My father helped him." Strawberry:"*snaps his finger*Me and Billy were their too. So we must be those grand warriors."
Hyuk:"*Laughs* Problem. Right isn't crashing in the Shooter C. He took off with Lisa-lisa*mutters*the creepy little tramp.
Invisi-hand:"Invisi style:Hyper tracker." She-cupid:"Cupid style:Love Tracker." Susano 4:"Is all that nessesary? Aether say something"
Aether:"*summons Persona* Nyx, Find them!." Susano 4:"I've gotta go on a vacation."

While they searched , like idiots, Susano retired to the Ninja lounge, where he met ichimaruu, catty, Black Cat,portwizard, Inukotsu, and Solidus. They all became fast friends. Two people, named Wilnadric and Dresden tried to hinder his enjoyment, to very little effect.Susano even became emotionally attached to Black cat. He recruited two able ninja, Nyx 5 and Thanatos.


Redeye, Blood of the Reaper


Techniques and Jutsu

Advanced RedEye
Soul Reaper Style: Shine, Dretsegia!
Clone Jutsu
Disguise Jutsu
Exploding Tags: Activate
Projectile Weapons: Shuriken
Projectile Weapons: Kunai
Escape Jutsu
Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu
Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu
Shadow Clone Jutsu
Water Prison Technique
The Shocker
Water Clone Technique
Earth Style: Groundhog Technique Decapitation
Demonic Illusion: Tree Bind Death
Epic Dog Urination Technique
Mind Body Switch Technique
Attack on the Nervous System
Wind Scythe Jutsu
Welcome to Good Burger
Kido: Metalocalypse
Kido: Slayer
Get In My Belly
Water Style: Water Dragon Missile
Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu
Striking Snake Technique
Super Heel Drop
Ninja Art: Poison Fog
Rich Man's World
Kido: Iron Maiden
Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu
Sexy Jutsu
Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death
Kaleidoscope Eye
Kido: Nightfall
Lucha Libre Style: Back Brain Kick
Soul Reaper Style: Sense Weakness
Robogirl Style: Leek Spin
Rock On: Spinal Tap
I Need This
Value Meal
Emosuke Style: Helping Hands
Rock On: Mouth Organ
Rock On: Webslinger
Archer Style: Blind Guardian
Archer Style: Dragonforce

Soul Reaper Style: Shine, Dretsegia!

Shikai(inital release): (mirror transformation) As you can probably gather Dretsegia is like Redeye of Zanpakuto.
When the words "shine, Dretsegia are muttered the blade starts shining blinding opposing Reapers and copying their Shikais.
strangely it(or as the case my be she) can manifest herself. She incapable of copying Bankais in her shikai state.
Copied Zanpakuto have minor alterations such as change of color(the copied Zangetsu is white bodied and the blade is black)
or something unexplainable(Zambimaru is upside-down)

Bankai(Final release): Dretsegia has two Bankais: Mirakitsu ra Dretsegia(Technique transformation) &
Ichimoro ra Dretsegia(trasnlated:'Perverted soul of the Sword Princess). The latter manifests Dretsegia in a *Ahem*
perverted form and exponentially Quadruples the weilder's power. The first(and most obviously more used) Bankai allows
Dretsegia to transform into strange forms. Atfer the weilder call her name, if they decide to use a sword skill Dretsegia
transforms to a form that cause the skils affects to be instantaneous(the skill activates upon contact with an object or enemy.
Dretsegia's true form in bankai is spilt in two(symbolizing light and darkness) They are called:Banshee Wind & Seraphi Gust.

Zenkai(True Release): Dretsegia is one of a handfull of Zanpakuto that can attain Zenkai. If you have a slight understanding of
what zen is(harmony of body and mind) then you can understand what this does.
Kirugashi ra Dretsegia(Vicious pet of the Sword princess) is the inital form of Zenkai. When Zenaki is activated one gives up
something they normally overlook. In the case of Dretsegia any armor is absorbed into the body and placed with Shikais
that cause the user to look like a bird, tiger, tortise, or dragon. Dretsegia's pressure is so high it causes Arrancars to flinch.
Dretsegia's true Zenkai, Midokashi ra Dretsegia(Ultimate Lover of the Sword Princess) can only be attained when the
user causes her to confess love to them. In this form the user can summon blades from anywhere(even the enemy's body)
where as the other forms could only summon them from earth-based terrain.


Sickle weasel
Mini frog
Bone Daddy


Basic Ninja Gear: 1
Professor's Hat: 1
Heck Butterfly: 1
Glowing Mood Ring: 1
Monster Mask: 1
Sword of the Reaper: 1
Soul Glove: 1
Sascha: 1
Utility Belt: 1
Letter of Marque: 1
Helper Pin: 1
Chakra Armor: 1
Survived the Impossible: 1
Necklace of the First HoCage: 1
Sannin's Premium: 1
Basic Blueprints: 1
Substitute Soul Reaper Badge: 1
Codec: 1
Trench Knife: 1
Giant Fan: 1
Captain's Jacket: 1
Swallowtail Butterfly: 1
Ninja Dog: 1
Desert Robes: 1
Stealth Suit: 1
Soul Candy: 1
Ninja-Mas Star: 1
RingEye: 1
Power Over 9000: 1
Reaper Blood - Bankai: 1
Makeshift Scythe: 1
Ninja Puppet: 1
Average Pistol: 1
Basic Dustcloak: 1
Creepy Love Letter: 1
Silver Scythe: 1
Hollow Leg: 1
KnightFrame D: 1
Warbound: 1
KnightFrame C: 1
Shortbunny: 1
Knapsack: 1
KnightFrame E: 1
KnightFrame A: 1
Eye of the Tiger: 1
KnightFrame B: 1
Counterfeit Permit: 1




Somone's watching you
Welcome to the otherside


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